Building a new house or additions

To build a new dwelling or an addition, you must apply for the necessary permits in order to ensure the proposed work meets the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw and Alberta Building Code. The following is a list of permits that may be required, depending on your project:

  • Development Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Electrical (underground and interior)
  • Plumbing (underground and interior)
  • Gas (underground and interior)
  • Private Sewage Disposal
  • A Fire Safety Plan 

Additional documentation that may be required:

The setbacks from property lines, height, site coverage etc. depend upon the specific zoning of your property.

The following links will provide general information based on two categories urban and rural and agricultural. To confirm your zoning, please view our Land Use Bylaw links below or contact Planning and Development Services at 780-464-8080.

To determine the zoning of an area see Land Use Maps.​​​​​​​

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Did you know?

  • If you are located in a Direct Control district (DC) please contact Planning and Development Services for more information.
  • New dwellings or additions located within 800 m (2624.7 ft.) of a primary or secondary highway, require the consent of .
  • Dwellings or additions cannot be located on or over an easement or right-of-way.
  • Manufactured homes are not permitted in all districts. Please check with Planning and Development Services for more information.
  • The County does not have any restrictions on the size (as long as it complies with regulations such as setbacks, height and site coverage) or colour of dwellings. However, the developer of the area may have registered a caveat against your property. You can contact the developer or check your title for more information on caveats registered against your property.

Please see the list on the left to view the information appropriate to your area.

More information:

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