Construction is underway!

Shovels hit the ground in summer of 2023 marking the formal construction of the The Pointe (Pointe-aux-Pins Acres) agricultural event centre, following Council’s approval on the facility design and scope. View the media release.

The facility is planned to open in fall 2025.

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Architectural rendering of the facility building

The Pointe Agricultural Event Centre at Pointe-Aux-Pins Acres represents a vital link to the importance of agriculture in our community. The vision for The Pointe represents a deeply rooted sense of community and will be a place to connect our future with our past. The new centre will be a community gathering space where agriculture heritage and rural roots are preserved and continue to grow.

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The Pointe’s accessible design meets a wide-variety of facility uses and features a main show arena with concrete floor, temperature-controlled animal housing and animal wash bays for showing and cool down. The design also includes considerations for bio-security measures for animal and human health. There will be functional support for events, with separate entrances for exhibitors and attendees. A multi-purpose room will also be available for meetings, educational opportunities or to act as a support space during events.

A community gathering place for year-round agricultural events and community activities, The Pointe is also a place for non-traditional agricultural activities and demonstration events. 

The main building will be approximately 100,000 square feet, including the animal housing component.

Facility highlights

  • The main show arena space is ~263' X 132' (with an additional 75' of runout space on the end and an additional 25' of space for bleachers). The entire arena footprint is 337' X156'.

  • Movable stands (seating for 300) can be configured to suit many different types of events. Other bleachers can be brought in as rentals.

  • We have designed the building to have strong Wi-Fi throughout, for all guests. For live streamed events, a mobile hardwired connection point is available, providing hardwired internet and audio system connections that can be used throughout the facility.

  • The concrete floor was brought into this project after receiving feedback from the community stating that concrete was needed to make this facility multi-use. The Pointe is not the first agriculture facility that has integrated concrete flooring. We have discussed with other facilities into what has worked for the safety of animals. 

    The show arena spaces will use barriers to enclose the footing within the rails. There will be a thick dirt base with footing on top to achieve adequate depth for various events. The concrete floor itself will have a textured finish to ensure there is enough grip for animals and people. The wash bay will have an added depth of texture to ensure safety. The concrete floor allows us to achieve better biosecurity by disinfecting down to the floor. 

  • We understand some agricultural facilities experience a “haze” that lingers, and the team is working to limit that effect.

    The Pointe will include a robust air exchange system and can adjust the arena/animal housing to be suitable for different seasons.

  • The animal housing space is 279 feet long and 105 feet wide and includes a wash bay with eight stalls. It can fit up to 120 - 10 feet x 10 feet stalls and can be configured in a variety of ways. The animal housing can be used without stalls and can host smaller scale events. 

    The wash bay will be equipped with eight stalls for animal washing. The floor will have a deeper groove in the concrete to ensure the wet floor is safe for animals to walk on.

  • There will be numerous overhead and wall-mounted single circuit 20A plugs available throughout the animal housing.

  • There will be 200 trailer stalls in the competitor's parking lot. There will be 20 stalls with power hookups and 180 without. There is also room for 300 visitor parking stalls at the front of the facility. No traditional campsites will be available on site.

  • In our front drop-off loop, we have designed lots of space and rough-in power for food trucks to service events. Vendor-run BBQ tents can be used to generate revenue or groups may choose to cater food in.  

    There were originally plans for a kitchen, however, as the project's scale and cost continued to grow considerably the kitchen was removed from the current design. We received feedback from several other facilities that they found it challenging to maintain the cost of the kitchen equipment, inspections, and inconsistent staffing hours.

  • The full room is 30’ long X 20’ wide. The room can be divided into two meeting rooms: The smaller (13’ X 20’) will comfortably fit a meeting of 12 people; the larger (19’ X 20’) will fit a meeting of 20 people. The larger side is also equipped with a display screen that can be used for presentations, a chilled water dispenser, sink and mini fridge.

  • The facility features 7 large, fully contained accessible universal family washrooms. All other washrooms are fully contained rooms (not stalls).

 Easily accessible

  • Close to Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan, Pointe-aux-Pins Acres is a 230-acre parcel of land surrounding the Bremner Heritage Site at 53462 Range Rd 225, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4V3. 
  • It will be easy to access from Highway 21 at Township Road 534, and close to major transportation routes including the Yellowhead Highway and the Anthony Henday.

About the name - Pointe-aux-Pins Acres (The Pointe)

  • The name Pointe-aux-Pins Acres anchors the new amenity  in community heritage. The Pointe is a destination where people from across Strathcona County and the region can enjoy agricultural and community events. 
  • The County considers the history of our community and points of interest in the local area or region when considering new facility names.   
  • Pointe-aux-Pins Creek is a significant water feature on Strathcona County’s landscape. One of only a few place names in the County known to have a French origin, the name translates literally as “pointed at the pines.” The creek flows into the North Saskatchewan River from the southeast - from the higher elevations in Beaver Hills. In the late 1800s, Pointe-aux-Pins Creek was the last of four creek crossings for travellers making the twenty-one mile journey by land from Strathcona, at the north end of the Canadian and Edmonton railway line known as the “end of steel”, to Fort Saskatchewan.  

A place to show the past, present and future of agriculture

  • Pointe-aux-Pins Acres will be a community gathering space where agriculture heritage and rural roots are preserved. 
  • It will complement Bremner Heritage Site, including Bremner House, a 5,400 square-foot home built by Charles Bremner in 1912 or 1913. Strathcona County Council purchased Bremner House in 2004 to preserve a piece of the community's heritage for future generations. 
  • Opportunities to see, learn, and get involved could include agri-educational opportunities.

Project history

From the beginning, the vision for a multi-purpose agricultural facility was driven by the expressed need for agricultural recreation space in the community. Every step of the way, the project was built on sound decisions, research, planning and engagement. The design process on large infrastructure projects includes refinements at every stage, from concept development and throughout schematic design. Throughout this process, Strathcona County has confirmed direction with Council and the community to ensure the facility supports community needs.

Pointe-aux-Pins Acres project timeline

  • At the July 4 Council meeting, Council proposed revisions to the scope for the Pointe-Aux-Pins Acres site, with construction set to begin summer 2023.
  • At the March 14, 2023 Council meeting, administration was directed to complete the next phase of the progressive design-build process of The Pointe and prepare a report for Council's consideration by July 4, 2023 with detailed construction cost estimates and a refined construction schedule.
  • Administration proceeding with a Progressive Design-Build delivery method for construction projects for the indoor arena and animal housing facility. Progressive Design-Build brings the design and construction team together at the beginning, allowing greater efficiency and providing more certainty of the cost to build.  
  • The Progressive Design-Build incorporates Council’s direction to include a concrete arena floor and building space to accommodate animal housing (as per Council motion, October 25, 2022). 
  • Construction of site utilities, roadways and parking, to support the building.  
  • Strathcona County continues its work on the site infrastructure, incorporating the valuable learnings and design work the County has invested in over the past several years. 
  • October 25, 2022: Council directed administration to include a concrete arena floor and building space to accommodate animal housing. 
  • July 19, 2022: Council approved a new direction forward, which involves splitting the project into ‘now’ and ‘future’ phases. 
  • May 18, 2022 media release: Council directs administration to reduce scope and budget, with final budget consideration coming back to Council by Fall, 2022. 
  • September 15, 2021 media release: County continues operational planning for the Pointe, while construction is temporarily paused.  
  • On January 19, 2021, Council accepted the name for the site of the multi-purpose agricultural facility. The name Pointe-aux-Pins Acres, or The Pointe, anchors the new amenity in community heritage and highlights a destination where residents from across Strathcona County can enjoy agricultural and non-agricultural events, community, business conferences and social events. 
  • With its strategic ties to the County’s Agriculture Master Plan, the Pointe will be defined as a destination where people from across the county (and beyond) can enjoy agricultural and non-agricultural education and history, community and social events. The Pointe amplifies strong connections to the County’s Recreation and Culture Strategy’s focus on meeting community needs, environmental stewardship, inclusion and building overall capacity. 
  • On September 29, 2020, Strathcona County Council approved the funding for a regional multi-purpose agricultural facility. The total funding approved by Council for design and construction is $71.2 million which includes rural site preparation and servicing as well as building and amenities.  
  • On September 15, 2020, an economic impact report was presented to Council. The report projects the facility will contribute over $33 million to the local economy and generate 290 jobs over the first five years of operation. 

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