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Park trail in spring

Enjoying the fresh outdoors in any season leads to an active and healthy lifestyle.  Take a hike on the many trails, kick or throw a ball at a variety of sports fields, let Fido run in an off-leash dog area or enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the natural areas. With 289 kilometres of multi-use and nature trails (asphalt, gravel, dirt, grass), there's no shortage of great places to run, walk, cycle or in-line skate. Strathcona County is a four season playground.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I use the park space for an event or block party?

    Our park spaces are available for public use. If you’re using a park space, here are some things to consider: 

    • Litter must be removed from site immediately following the event.
    • Tents are to be weighted down using either sandbags or weights. Ground stakes are not to be used.
    • Tents larger than 10’ x 10’ require a Development Permit from Planning and Development Services. 
    • AEDARSA Certification for inflatables is recommended
    • To confirm park space availability, please contact Strathcona County via County Connect.
  • 2. Can I teach a fitness class in one of the parks?

    • The park space itself is a non-bookable space; it is open for community use. 
    • As per the bylaw no business can be conducted in any of the park spaces. 
    • However, residents are welcome to enjoy our green spaces as long as they are not impacting on the enjoyment of other users in the park.
  • 3. Can I camp at Centennial Park or any other area in Sherwood Park?

    • Camping is not permitted at the Centennial Ball diamonds or on any County-owned parks or lands except at our rural community halls and recreation centres in conjunction with rentals associated with those facilities. 

    Check out information on Camping at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre and see the Activity and travel guide to plan your visit to Strathcona County.

  • 4. I have an event at a hall, can I have a camping permit?

    • Camping is permitted at our rural community halls and recreation centres in conjunction with rentals associated with those facilities. 
    • The hall grants permission for camping on the park land and parking lots immediately adajcent to the hall. 
    • Tents are permitted on grass.
    • Campers, vans, tent trailers or other recreation vehicles are allowed on parking lots only – cannot be parked on grass.

    Find out more about our Community halls and senior centres and about bookings at Ardrossan and Moyer halls.

  • 5. Can I set up a food vendor in the parks?

    • No, you cannot, as per our Parks Bylaw, no business is to be conducted in any park, including the spray parks.
    • Broadmoor Lake Park is the only site where we allow a food vendor, however they currently have a contract in place until 2020.
  • 6. Can I ride a Segway in our Parks?

    • No, you cannot ride a Segway in our parks as per our Parks Bylaw.
  • 7. Why isn't my community spray deck running?

    • Community spray decks (Woodbridge, Granville, Kinsmen/Westboro, Brentwood) are open for the season on July 1 and operate on weekdays that are 20 degrees and warmer.
    • Spray decks are turned on at 1pm until 4pm by volunteers. If the water is not on, it is likely because a volunteer hasn't signed up – we are always looking for volunteers to help with this program. Please consider becoming a volunteer.
  • 8. Can I use non-motorized boats on Stormwater management facilities (SWMF)?

    • Use of non-motorized boats is not recommended on SWMF because the conditions are unpredictable and dangerous. There are also no designated launch points.
    • Moving water, temperature changes underwater due to vegetation or drainage and fluctuating weather conditions can all result in unsafe conditions that are not visible from the surface.
    • There are no designated launch points and the cattail vegetation is quite thick around the edges of the SWMF. The main purpose of the SWMF is to capture runoff water, so the cat tails are the natural filter system. Accessing the water itself will be difficult and you would not want any physical contact with the water itself as the quality of water cannot be guaranteed.
    • For public safety, any activity that may result in direct contact with water in SWMF is not recommended.
    • Motorized boats are not allowed on any SWMF.

    Visit Stormwater management system for more information.

  • 9. Are off-highway vehicles permitted on Strathcona County lands?

    • Off Highway Vehicles are not permitted on Strathcona County lands. For alternative locations, reference:

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