Snow clearing equipment blowing snow

Strathcona County is committed to providing efficient services and maintaining safe conditions for residents throughout the winter season. We use a priority approach to manage snow and ice on County roads and trails.

Residents have an important role in supporting winter operations. This includes keeping sidewalk clear and moving vehicles during snow clearing on residential areas.

Sidewalk clearing

Residents have 48 hours to clear their sidewalk after a snowfall. Find free rock chips to manage ice.

Parking bans during snow removal

Learn about the two different types of parking bans and sign up to receive notifications.

Snow clearing and ice control

Strathcona County follows a priority system to manage snow and ice on winter roads. High-volume and high-speed roads in rural and urban areas are cleared and sanded first.

Curb ramps

To ensure safe and efficient snow removal, curb ramps must be removed from the road between November 1 and April 15. Learn more.

Snowmelt facility

The Strathcona County Snowmelt Facility can be accessed during operating hours by permit holders only.

County trail clearing

Equipment clearing snow from a County trail

Strathcona County follows a priority system for clearing more than 200 km of trails and pathways.

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