Dog Bylaw changes

NEW! Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw changes effective April 1, 2024.

  • Dogs will be required to wear visible ID with their owner’s current phone number.
  • Dog licences will no longer be required.
  • Over-limit Permits ARE still in effect and other offences remain in bylaw.
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Licensing changes

NEW! Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw changes:

  • Effective April 1, 2024 dog owners in Strathcona County will no longer be required to purchase an annual dog licence. 
  • February 13, 2024, Council approved Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw amendments that replace the licence requirement with the requirement that dogs wear visible identification on a collar or harness beginning April 1, 2024. The Dog ID must include the owner’s current phone number. (Some exceptions apply, but failure to comply can result in fines.)
  • Microchips and tattoos increase the likelihood of reuniting you with your pet. Microchip scanners are available at the Strathcona County Library. Card holders can borrow one of five scanners to check an animal for a microchip, to check if a pet’s chip is working or to ensure the pet’s information is updated. Visit for more information.

Items remaining in the bylaw:

  • Over-limit Permits and Dangerous Dog Permits ARE still in effect.
  • Excessive barking, not picking up dog waste, dog in distress, dog at large and other offences remain in the bylaw.

Renewing an Over-limit permit

No renewal notices will be mailed out. You can renew in person at the RCMP and Enforcement Services Detachment. Please make cheques payable to Strathcona County. 

Strathcona County RCMP and Enforcement Services 
911 Bison Way 
Sherwood Park, AB  T8H 1S9 

No longer have your dog? 

If you have a restriction or permit and no longer have your dog, you need to let us know. Email

Permit locations

*NEW!* Dangerous Dogs and Over-limit permits can only be registered at the Strathcona County RCMP and Enforcement Services Detachment.

Location Hours Payment Options

Strathcona County Enforcement Services 
911 Bison Way 
Sherwood Park 

Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
(Closed weekends and statutory holidays)

cash (exact change), cheque, debit, 
MasterCard or Visa 

County Hall (Assessment and Tax) 
2001 Sherwood Drive 
Sherwood Park 
*You can no longer register for permits at County Hall. n/a


Over-limit permit yearly fee


Dangerous dog yearly fee (if deemed a dangerous dog by Strathcona County)



(with owner's current phone number)

$150 - 1st offence
$300 - 2nd offence
$500 - 3rd offence
$150 - 1st offence
$300 - 2nd offence
$500 - 3rd offence
Dog wearing current dog tag - $100
Dog NOT wearing current dog tag - $150

*Updated fines go into effect April 1, 2024.

Number of dogs allowed

The maximum number of dogs allowed per residence in Strathcona County is

  • three dogs for residences of five acres or less
  • five dogs for residences over five acres

If you want to have more dogs, you can apply for an over-limit permit. This permit costs $70 per year.  

Strathcona County considers the following information when reviewing over-limit applications:

  • Your property is reasonably able to handle the higher number of dogs. 
  • You have special skills or qualifications for handling a higher number of dogs. 
  • You have not been convicted of, or are currently under investigation for, bylaw offences. 
  • You are running a foster dog residence. 
  • You have service dogs in training with puppies under six months of age. 
  • You are moving from a location where the number of permitted dogs was higher. 

Read the Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw.

Appealing a restriction

Appeals of dangerous dog declarations, over-limit permits and conditions/restrictions must follow the below process.

  1. Send your written appeal to the ​Chief Commissioner at least one week after the date you received the decision.

  2. The Commissioner will give the notice of appeal to the General Appeals and Review Committee, along with the records and information used to make the original decision.

  3. The General Appeals and Review Committee will make a final decision on the appeal. 

Please contact Enforcement Services for complete details. 


Provincial regulations


Disclaimer: This webpage includes information relating to the Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw. This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the bylaw. Strathcona County accepts no responsibility for persons relying solely on this information.

More information

Strathcona County Enforcement Services
911 Bison Way, Sherwood Park
Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(closed weekends and statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-449-0170

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