“[T]he Present is the living sum-total of the whole Past.”
-Thomas Carlyle, Characteristics

History is like a tapestry. Just as you first notice the overall design that a weaver has created on a loom, history presents itself at first as a grand overarching narrative that sweeps across time. But as you step closer to the tapestry, you notice the details in the weft and warp, the nuance of colour and texture that lend both a subtlety and a richness to the entire textile. Delving into the accounts of history likewise reveals a complexity and depth to a story that is not always evident at first. By looking at different historical themes, we dig a little deeper into the shades and tones of the past.

Pre-settlement and fur trade recounts the centuries before and after contact between native peoples, the Métis and Europeans.

The transfer of Rupert’s Land to Canada in 1870 ushered in an era of settlement that saw hundreds of thousands of people flood into the Canadian prairies.

Newcomers to the County took a number of different ways to reach their new home. Trails, roads, rivers and railways trace the development of these routes.

Many came here, enticed by the promise of virtually free farmland. Agriculture remained the backbone of the County’s and Alberta’s economy for decades.

There have been other resources that have played vital roles. Coal, oil and industry have broadened the County’s economy, attracting and employing hundreds of people.

Each of the communities in the County, places like Ardrossan, Josephburg and Hastings Lake, has its own unique story.

Learn how our decisions regarding education and health have changed over time and why.

Our world view has been shaped by our ethnicity and faith. Different cultures, language and religion add powerful layers to the County’s historic tapestry.

Intense rivalries dominated baseball and hockey teams in the past, while other forms of leisure and recreation have taken root.

Municipal governance forms the framework of our community, without which our civil society would not exist.

Not all has been rosy in the past. Disasters have struck more than once, testing our resilience and determination to overcome their consequences. 

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