Strathcona County intends to file an application with Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for approval of an exclusive water and wastewater franchise agreement with Properties of Northern Bear Inc. (PNB)

The franchise agreement and associated bylaw were discussed at the July 4, 2023 Council meeting. Council passed the first reading of the franchise bylaw (three readings required) and a motion approving the franchise agreement and authorizing the County to proceed with submission of the Franchise Agreement to the AUC. 

Frequently asked questions

Read our  frequently asked questions (96.7 KB) about this agreement.

Next steps

The County will proceed with our applications for approval of the Franchise and new long-term Water Supply Agreements once PNB has submitted their rate application to the AUC. Submissions received by the County ahead of the July 4 Council meeting, along with the responses will be included in the County’s application to the AUC (unless requested otherwise). Affected residents will still have an opportunity to provide comment on the County’s applications to the AUC directly through the application process.  Additional details regarding the County’s applications will be posted here when they become available.

The AUC will initiate public notification and engagement activities for PNB’s rate application once they have received that application. 

Should the AUC approve the County’s franchise agreement application, the franchise bylaw will be returned to Council for second and third reading. 

Strathcona County will provide updates on this page as the process moves forward.

Further information:
The Alberta Utilities Commission is an independent, quasi-judicial regulatory body responsible for making decisions about utility-related applications. For more information about the AUC or its approval process associated with franchise applications, please contact the AUC directly. 

Phone: 310-4AUC

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