72 hour kit

72 hour kits

Are you and your family prepared to be self-sustaining for at least 72 hours? It is recommended that you have a 72 hour (emergency) kit prepared in advance. Basic emergency kit items include:

  • water (4 litres of water per person per day)
  • food that won't spoil such as canned food, energy bars and dried food
  • manual can opener
  • flashlight and batteries; extra batteries
  • battery-powered or wind-up radio
  • first aid kit
  • special needs items for your family such as: 
    • prescription medications
    • infant formula
    • equipment for people with disabilities
  • extra keys for your car and house
  • cash (include smaller bills such as $5 and $10s and change)
  • family emergency plan (ensure it contains in-town and out-of-town contact information)
  • important documents (such as passports, birth certificates, wills, insurance documents etc.)


72 hour checklist (898.0 KB)

Additional emergency supplies

Download the Alberta Emergency Alert and SC Alert apps to stay updated on situations that may impact you.

12 steps to getting prepared

Getting prepared can be  broken down into 12 small steps. (1.4 MB)  Complete each step and by the end of the year, you and your family will be better prepared.

Take a one hour free emergency preparedness class.

Family emergency plan

Developing a  family emergency plan (397.8 KB) will ensure that you and your household know what to do in case of an emergency.

Be aware of your environment and changes in weather.

Further information
Administrative line: 780-410-8550
For emergencies call 9-1-1

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