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Industrial development


Canada's energy engine

Strathcona County is a leader in industrial development and Canada's largest hydrocarbon refining cluster – working with industry, regional partners and other levels of government to support sustainable economic growth.

Committed to diversification 

Investment opportunities with the following:

  • Plastics (packaging, construction / building bio-plastics)
  • Paints, coatings, solvents (bio-chemicals)
  • Fibres (carbon fibre)
  • Professional, sceientific, technical services (digital oilfield sensors / scanners)
  • Logistics (plastic packaging centres)

Involving these petrochemical chains:

  • C1 (ammonia, urea, methanol)
  • C2 (polyethylene, ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide)
  • C3 (polypropylenes, propylene glycol, propylene oxide)

Strathcona County advantages

  • Central hub of Alberta’s oil and gas pipeline system
  • Availability of pre-zoned and serviced heavy industrial land
  • Access to petrochemical feedstock and utilities at low prices
  • Globally competitive tax rates
  • Salt caverns for commodity storage
  • Productive workforce skilled in petrochemicals and related industries
  • Availability of federal and provincial incentives and grants
  • Pro-business environment with no business license fees or registrations
  • Excellent infrastructure: road, rail, air and pipeline access to regional and global markets
  • Large scale development of innovative world-class energy related projects in the area
  • Considerable use and exchange of energy and products within and between complexes
  • Exceptional educational institutions that are deeply integrated with industry
  • High quality-of-life that is secure and stable


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