Heartland incentive program

Tax exemptions

Strathcona County is located in Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region and is a world-class location for development of major industrial projects in the energy and petrochemical value chains. New construction and expansion projects that locate in Strathcona County can apply for a tax exemption that between 1 per cent to 2 per cent of total eligible capital costs.

Strathcona County’s tax exemption incentives are complimentary in alignment to the Government of Alberta’s Petrochemical Incentive Program, which also offers grants for eligible facilities that are valued at up to 12% of eligible capital costs.

Incentive eligibility

A project that is deemed eligible for tax exemption must meet the following criteria:

  • Be physically located within either the Industrial Heartland Area or Strathcona Industrial Area
  • Be an energy value chain project or associated infrastructure
  • Be either a new construction or expansion project
  • Have a capital cost greater than $50 million CAD
  • Employ at least 250 workers during construction or 15 permanent staff once operational
  • Meet additional legal and financial requirements as outlined in the bylaw

Application process

Applicants can download the application form and guidelines on this page to begin their application process. It is recommended that interested applicants contact Strathcona County Economic Development and Tourism to discuss their potential eligibility for the program, or to notify of an incoming application.

Strathcona County tax exemption bylaws

Our Council recognizes the importance of industry and supports attraction of new facilities through the goal of Economic Prosperity in the 2023-2026 strategic plan.

Economic Development and Tourism
Phone: 780-464-8095
Email: scedt@strathcona.ca

2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
T8A 3W7

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