Board and committee members provide advice on issues that are important to the County. The boards and committees are diverse, independent and impartial. They are made up of dedicated volunteers from across the County with varied skills, backgrounds and experience. Serving on a board or committee is an excellent opportunity to share your skills and experience and to give back to your community. 

How to view vacancies and apply

  1. Below, click the "Vacancies" tab
  2. To apply, click on the name of the committee
  3. Click the paper clip icon attachments icon to download the fillable application form
  4. Complete the application form, save, and return to this page
  5. Click "Apply" on the right side of the page
  6. Fill out the contact information requested, and attach the completed application form
  7. Click "Apply" to submit your application

You will receive an email to confirm your application. Applicants will be contacted for an interview date and time once the recruitment window is closed.

Common questions

Phone: 780-464-8140

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