Make a difference: serve on a board or committee

Board and committee members provide advice on issues that are important to the County. The boards and committees are diverse, independent and impartial. They are made up of dedicated volunteers from across the County with varied skills, backgrounds and experience.

Anyone interested in municipal government and shaping the County’s future is encouraged to apply.

To learn more about an individual committee, please follow the links below to the committee web page. 
The application period closes on September 23, 2019.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Governance Advisory Committee, which includes several members of Council, is responsible for reviewing all applications and conducting candidate interviews for boards and committees. This Committee makes recommendations to County Council. Council appoints or recommends, as applicable, the most qualified individuals in accordance with the terms of reference of the boards and committees as well as the County’s Boards and Committees bylaw where applicable. All candidates are contacted following the conclusion of the recruitment process.

  • 2. What if I am not the successful applicant? Permanent link to What if I am not the successful applicant?

    Strathcona County appreciates the interest of all applicants. If you applied for a position but were not selected for an appointment, please note that all applications received will be kept until the start of the next recruitment period and will be considered throughout the ensuing year if vacancies arise.

  • The current recruitment period closes on September 23, 2019. Typically, appointments will be made by Council in late November and notification to all applicants will follow immediately thereafter. 


  • In most cases, public members must be residents of Strathcona County unless otherwise stated in the board or committee’s terms of reference. If you are interested in applying, please review the specific board or committee’s mandate, eligibility requirements, and time commitment which can be viewed by selecting the board or committee from the List of Boards and Committees page.

    Strathcona County is looking for:

    • Individuals with a desire to give back to the community
    • Individuals with specific expertise relevant to the qualifications a specific board or committee may be looking for
    • Individuals with time available to commit to membership

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