Strathcona County School Garden program

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Strathcona County is currently accepting applications for school gardens. Application deadline for the 2018/19 school year is January 18.

School gardens are a place where students can learn about growing and eating healthy food. Through hands-on learning, teachers help students connect with the plant life cycle, while learning about seeds, soil, sun, water, bugs and weeds.

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About the Program

Each participating school receives two raised garden beds, soil and seeds to get started (with opportunity for expansion over time). The program is entering its fifth year with 15 schools participating, from elementary to high school.

School gardens inspire creativity and wonder. Kindergarteners learn that fresh-picked spinach is sweet and tasty and that good nutrition helps grow muscles, like Popeye. High School students incorporate growing and harvesting vegetables and herbs into their culinary arts program. In the fall, harvest soups made with root vegetables are ways teachers and students celebrate growing food. 

  • 1. School Garden Program History

    Salisbury Greenhouse started the Salisbury School Garden Pilot Project in 2013 and administered the project from September 2013 to March 2017. For Salisbury Greenhouse, the project was “a way to give back to the community by offering their resources, as passionate gardeners, to educators in order to enrich our children’s educational experience and nurture a love of growing in the next generation of gardeners”. In 2017, Salisbury Greenhouse invited Strathcona County to take over the administration of the School Garden program with the goal to expand the program. Salisbury Greenhouse continues to provide guidance and materials support.

  • 2. School Garden Participants

    2017/18 School Gardens

    • École Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School
    • Jean Vanier Catholic School
    • Holy Redeemer Catholic School
    • Fultonvale Elementary Junior High

    2016/17 School Gardens

    • Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary


    2015/16 School Gardens

    • F R Haythorne Jr High
    • École Pere Kenneth Kearns
    • Mills Haven Elementary
    • Westboro Elementary

    2014/15 School Gardens

    • École Campbelltown
    • Holy Spirit Catholic School
    • Madonna Catholic School
    • Salisbury Composite High School
    • Wye Elementary School


    2013/14 School Gardens

    • Ardrossan Elementary
    • Clover Bar Junior High
    • Pine Street Elementary
    • Wes Hosford Elementary
    • Woodbridge Elementary


How to start a school garden

Here is an overview of the process for starting a school garden:

  • A maximum of five new schools per year are invited to participate in the program.
  • Identify two staff contacts per school. Their role is to champion the project and create a plan for the school garden.  
  • Successful applicants will demonstrate a purpose for their school garden that supports student learning and the celebration of growing food. 
  • Strathcona County and their local partners will supply successful applicants with everything they need to get started:
    • Two raised beds
    • Soil
    • Seeds
    • Tools

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