24-hour water and wastewater emergency contact

If you are having a water or wastewater emergency, call 780-467-7785 anytime, and an operator will respond to your call within one hour.
Last modified: March 9, 2020, 3:25 p.m.
Tap with running water

Strathcona County is committed to providing safe, clean and reliable water to residents, 24/7. As part of our water and wastewater services, we operate and maintain the underground sewer systems in seven of our hamlets.

Strathcona County Utilities operates under the following service policies:

SER-001-026 Capital Cost Recovery for Water Servicing (598.3 KB)

SER-001-027 Capital Cost Recovery for Wastewater Servicing in the Country Residential Area (18.9 KB)

SER-001-029D Water Billing Adjustment Program (31.1 KB)

SER-001-031 Utilities Guarantee Deposit (106.7 KB)

SER-009-043 Blockages in Residential Sewer Lines (100.2 KB)

SER-012-009 Storm Water Management Facility Easements (32.6 KB)

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