The Municipal Policy Handbook provides a working document for Council and the Administration of Strathcona County containing policies to guide the actions of the County in the handling of local affairs. All Council policies have been adopted by resolutions of Council which can be found in Council minutes.

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  • GOV-002-035D Contract Signing and Financial Spending Authority Directive (26.5 KB)

    The purpose of this Directive is to provide Associate Commissioners with oversight of high value contracts and expenditures occurring within their division.

    GOV-002-040 Diversity and Inclusion (99.6 KB)

    The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework to integrate Diversity and Inclusion values and practices into the County’s operations and work to eliminate systemic Barriers

    GOV 002-027 History and Heritage (25.4 KB)

    Strathcona County shall enable responsible safeguarding and conservation of local history and heritage
    1) providing a process for Strathcona County residents to assist them in protecting their history and heritage
    2) recognizing the interconnectedness of its history, its intangible cultural heritage, its heritage buildings and sites, and its natural heritage
    3) supporting and enabling activities that cultivate an appreciation of its history and heritage among its citizens.

    GOV-002-021 Mandatory Review of Bylaws and Policies (66.2 KB)

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure all Bylaws are up-to-date and take into account changing circumstances in the County. This Policy will also ensure all the County’s Policies are reviewed regularly for content, effect, and alignment to the County’s Strategic Plan.

    GOV-002-031 Municipal Policy Handbook Program (42.7 KB)

    Strathcona County will have a system for organizing Policies, Directives, and Procedures that allows for efficient approval and review and will assist residents and employees in understanding Council’s direction on recurrent matters. This system will establish municipal programs and services, and set service levels. It will also be used to establish the County’s business and strategic priorities and, where appropriate, to mitigate risk.

    GOV-002-026 Privacy (21.3 KB)

    The collection and disclosure of personal information may only be undertaken within the parameters of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIP Act”). Strathcona County will ensure that
    appropriate measures are in place to govern the collection and disclosure of personal information.

    GOV-002-005 Reimbursement or Indemnification for Action or Judgment (19.9 KB)

    Strathcona County shall maintain adequate insurance to provide coverage for the reimbursement or indemnification of any Elected Official, Committee, Commission or Board Member, employee, official, agent or other person performing any duty for Strathcona County, whether remunerated or not, (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the named Party”) against any losses or expenses which he/she incurs as a result
    of any injury relating to, or any action brought or judgment obtained against him/her, arising out of his/her duties in that position; provided always that the legal liability for losses or expenses arises out of any act, error or omission during the performance of his/her duties which are or which he/she believes in good faith to be, within the scope of his/her position or employment with Strathcona County.

    GOV-002-017 Remembrance Day Commemoration (7.2 KB)

    To pay respect to, and remember, the men and women of Canada’s Armed Services who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of peace and the preservation of our freedom.

    GOV-002-038D Responding to Councillor Information Requests Directive (26.6 KB)

    The purpose of this Directive is to ensure that all members of Council receive the same information from Administration regarding the operation or administration of the County, in order to enhance effective Council decision making and to meet the County’s legislated obligations under section 153.1 of the Municipal Government Act. Information requests may come to Administration in various ways, and all information provided in response must be provided to all members of Council.

    GOV-002-038P Responding to Councillor Information Requests Procedure (27.2 KB)

    Information Requests received by County employees outside of a Council or Priorities Committee meeting are referred to as “Informal Information Requests” and will follow the procedure outlined in this document.

    GOV-002-046 Whistleblower (142.7 KB)

    The County is dedicated to accountable, ethical, and transparent governance that protects the organization, its people, and assets. Recognizing, however, that Wrongdoing may occur, the County is committed to fully investigating any allegations of Wrongdoing and providing a confidential and secure process to report Wrongdoing without fear of reprisal.

  • GOV-002-029 Communications (31.7 KB)

    The purpose of Strathcona County’s communications policy is to ensure that communications – both to external and internal audiences – are proactive, strategic, effectively managed, consistent and responsive to the diverse information needs of the organization’s key publics.

    GOV-001-029 Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
    GOV-001-033 Council Communications

    GOV-002-025 Public Engagement (45.2 KB)

    The purpose of this policy is to establish the foundation for the County’s reasons, guidelines and procedures for conducting public engagement. This policy applies to both staff and external consultants.

    GOV 002-025P Public Engagement Procedure (66.2 KB)

    County employees who are planning, implementing and evaluating public engagement processes are expected to use the information provided in both the Public Engagement Framework and the Public Engagement Handbook.

    GOV-002-039D Public Engagement Survey Directive (36.0 KB)

    The purpose of this Directive is to ensure that all Strathcona County employees and consultants working on behalf the County understand the requirements and the process for surveying on behalf of the County for both internal and external audiences. This will ensure consistent quality in surveys and provide better quality data to be used in County decision making.

    GOV-002-039P Public Engagement - Survey Procedure (64.2 KB)

    The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all Strathcona County employees and consultants working on behalf the County understand the requirements and the approved corporate process for surveying on behalf of the County for both internal (staff) and external (public and stakeholder) audiences. This will ensure consistent quality in surveys in terms of how the questions are organized and asked. This in turn will provide better quality data to be used in County decision making.

    PUB-001-014 Public Sponsorship (32.2 KB)

    The purpose of this Policy is to set out the circumstances under which Strathcona County may sponsor the initiatives of individuals, community groups, or organizations within the community. PUB-001-014
    Cross-reference: GOV-002-029 Communications Policy

    GOV-002-028 Social Media (102.6 KB)

    Strathcona County will build its presence on social media sites and use social media tools with adequate consideration given to:

    • ensuring efforts align with the County’s Strategic Plan, Corporate Values and policies
    • identifying the fit within business and communications/marketing plans and objectives
    • understanding the benefits, implications and risks in using social media

    This policy applies to Strathcona County departments and employees, and third parties working on behalf of the County.
    Special Note: This policy also applies to Strathcona County elected officials except insofar as Policy GOV-001-033: Council/Public Communications otherwise provides.

  • FIN-001-004 Expenditure and Budget Management (35.4 KB)

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with applicable legislation; efficient and responsive delivery of programs and services; proper approval of expenditures incurred by the County; and overall budget management of the approved Corporate Budget.

    FIN-001-007 Investments (167.9 KB)

    It is the policy of Strathcona County to invest public funds in a prudent manner that will provide optimum investment returns with the maximum security while meeting the County’s cash flow requirements and conforming to the Municipal Government Act and all other provincial statutes and regulations governing the investment of municipal funds.

    FIN-001-008 Allocation of Year-End Operating Surplus for Tax Purposes (28.2 KB)

    Strathcona County will manage the allocation of the Annual Operating Surplus for Tax Purposes in a fiscally responsible manner. This policy provides the guidelines for the allocation of the Annual Operating Surplus for Tax Purposes. Please note that the Annual Operating Surplus for Tax Purposes is not equivalent to the Surplus for Public Sector Accounting Standards Purposes referenced in the annual Strathcona County Consolidated Financial Statements

    FIN-001-009 Financial Services Review on Fiscal Related Recommendations to Council (76.1 KB)

    Recommendations with a fiscal impact shall be reviewed by Financial and Strategic Services and/or the Chief Financial Officer prior to the recommendation going forward to Council to ensure prudent financial management, consistency with short and long-term financial interests of the County and accuracy of the financial information being presented in each recommendation.

    FIN-001-010 Financial Reporting Policy (106.1 KB)

    Council, through the Priorities Committee, will be provided with quarterly and annual management reports in order to support the stewardship of Strathcona County resources; to support decision making; and to provide transparent communication to the public.

    FIN-001-012 Security (85.6 KB)

    All forms of security to the benefit of Strathcona County shall be placed in the custody of Financial and Strategic Services.

    FIN-001-016 Donations – Received and Disbursed (126.8 KB)

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure fair and transparent treatment of Donations received or disbursed by the County, and to maintain compliance with all relevant rules, regulations and legislation.

    FIN-001-024 Financial Reserves Policy (252.3 KB)

    This policy aligns with the Long-Term Financial Sustainability Framework and outlines consistent standards for managing reserves. It guides the proper administration of said reserves, providing stability for current and future budgets. This policy also outlines responsibilities, emphasizing effective management and Council oversight of reserve transactions.

    FIN-001-025 Debt Management (158.9 KB)

    The purpose of this policy is to establish financial guidelines and controls for the issuance and use of new Debt and to ensure a favourable financial position while supporting the County’s ability to meet current and future infrastructure requirements including replacement, new growth, and emergent capital initiatives.

    FIN-001-027 Tangible Capital Assets Financial Reporting (48.8 KB)

    The Tangible Capital Assets Financial Reporting Policy supports organizational decision making, provides enhanced reporting and increased transparency to the organization, the public and other stakeholders. The recognition, recording and reporting of Tangible Capital Assets are necessary financial processes to support the strategic goal to strategically manage, invest and plan for sustainable municipal infrastructure.

    FIN-001-028 Ex Gratia Payments (93.7 KB)

    The purpose of this Policy is to have a fair and efficient process to address small Claims made against the County where the County does not agree with or admit liability, and to allow the County to provide a prompt resolution to the Claims in the form of an Ex gratia Payment if appropriate.

    FIN-001-029D Claims and Damages Settlement Directive (34.5 KB)

    As a large corporate and government body, Strathcona County can expect to receive claims for financial compensation from companies and individuals. The County will make efforts to handle all claims received in an impartial, equitable, and unprejudiced manner, while protecting against undue liability.

    FIN-001-029P Claims and Damages Settlement Procedure (39.2 KB)

    Outlines the procedures for receiving and responding to claims.

    FIN-001-030 Related Party Disclosures Financial Reporting (26.1 KB)

    The purpose of this policy is to provide direction on the information that will be collected from Key Management Personnel to identify Related Party Transactions and determine if any transactions must be disclosed in the County’s annual financial statements.

    FIN-001-026 Risk Management (17.0 KB)

    Strathcona County has established risk management goals towards delivering cost-effective services that best meet the needs of our taxpayers and community.

  • HUM-001-035 Authorization to Sign Off on Collective Agreements (32.0 KB)

    Collective agreements are managed and negotiated by the County’s Human Resources Department pursuant to the oversight of Executive Team. Negotiation committees undertake collective bargaining on behalf of the County.

    HUM-001-026 Employee Business Expense (194.1 KB)

    It is the policy of Strathcona County to reimburse business expenses necessarily incurred by employees in the performance of duties. Employees are neither asked to subsidize the cost of the County nor invited to indulge themselves at public expense. It is expected that logic and good business sense will prevail.

    HUM-001-001 Employee Conduct and Code of Ethics (113.3 KB)

    This policy applies to work obligations associated with the roles of people who work for or represent Strathcona County. We will strive to promote the highest standards of conduct. This policy is intended to all representatives of Strathcona County: employees, volunteers, contract and personnel.

    HUM-001-034 Employee Total Rewards (87.6 KB)

    The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework for Administration to establish and maintain a total rewards package that balances fiscal responsibility with the need to attract and retain a highly qualified, engaged and inclusive workforce to deliver excellent services to the residents of Strathcona County.

    HUM-001-036D Health and Safety Directive (135.0 KB)

    The purpose of this Directive is to establish the general roles and responsibilities of management, supervisors, workers and contractors to ensure the health and safety of every employee.

    HUM-001-039D Human Resources Management Directive (143.9 KB)

    The purpose of this Directive is to establish the framework and authority for Human Resources management to ensure that consistent, equitable and fiscally responsible programs and guidelines are implemented and administered within Strathcona County.
    Municipal Government Act RSA 2000, c M-26
    Bylaw 21-2015: The Chief Commissioner’s Bylaw

    HUM-001-001 Employee Conduct and Code of Ethics
    HUM-001-034 Employee Total Rewards Policy

    HUM-001-038 Inclusive Hiring Policy (40.4 KB)

    The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework for Strathcona County to develop, implement, and maintain hiring strategies that are aligned with the guidelines in this policy.

    HUM-001-027 Personnel Records (14.3 KB)

    This policy establishes procedures in storing, maintaining and accessing confidential personnel records for each employees by the organization.

    HUM-001-032 Respectful Workplace (120.0 KB)

    Strathcona County is committed to ensuring a respectful workplace, free of violence and harassment, for all individuals that work or interact in a County workplace.
    Accountability and responsibility for a respectful workplace is shared. The purpose of this Policy is to outline the framework for a respectful workplace and inform employees and other individuals that work or interact in a County workplace of their right and obligation to work in a respectful environment.

    HUM-001-032P Respectful Workplace Procedure (89.7 KB)

    Outlines procedures to ensure members of the public and employees interact respectfully.

    HUM-001-037D Workplace Violence Prevention Directive (48.7 KB)

    The purpose of this Directive is to outline the framework for identifying and preventing the potential for violence in the workplace; and to provide guidance for employees on how to respond should violence occur.

Services policies

  • SER-011-012 Cultural Services (15.5 KB)

    The purpose of Cultural Services is to guide the cultural development of Strathcona County by providing management, programming, grants, facilitation, and evaluation of services in arts, culture, and heritage. The goal of Strathcona County’s Cultural Services is to ensure access to culture, for all residents; to champion excellence in all cultural endeavors; and to promote the important role of culture in community well being, economic vitality, and quality education.

    SER-011-018 Dogs in Parks (10.1 KB)

    This policy provides guidelines for use when determining which Parkland will be designated as On-Leash, Off-Leash and No Dogs Allowed.

    SER-011-002 Fencing (7.1 KB)

    Ensure the proper containment of all active park areas in Strathcona County. This policy applies to lands within the Sherwood Park, the Hamlets of Strathcona County and rural school sites only

    SER-011-005 Field Allocation (83.6 KB)

    The Recreation, Parks and Culture department shall have in place a Field Allocation Policy to offer a system of distribution of athletic fields to the various sport field users within Strathcona County.

    SER-011-010 Ice Allocation (11.7 KB)

    Strathcona County’s indoor ice arenas are intended to generate opportunities for the benefit of residents that enable the pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices. Recreation, Parks and Culture shall have in place an ice allocation policy to offer a system of distribution of ice to the various ice users within Strathcona County.

    SER-008-013 Major Recreation Facility Funding (19.2 KB)

    This policy establishes a process for the payment of a major recreation facility contribution. All lands within Strathcona County benefit from new major recreation facilities within Sherwood Park, and the new majorrecreation facilities will be a benefit to the new urban residential areas and the new rural residential areas of Strathcona County.

    SER-011-021 Park Concession (10.0 KB)

    The General Parks Bylaw (30-92) prohibits the sale of goods and services on parkland unless the Director of Recreation, Parks and Culture has granted permission. Permission to operate concessions may be granted to the organizer of events or activities by the Director. The Park Concession Policy provides guidelines for determining if permission to sell goods and services on parkland is appropriate and should be granted.

    SER-011-020 Playground Maintenance and Repair (8.2 KB)

    Recreation, Parks and Culture shall have a comprehensive playground inspection and maintenance program to ensure that all playgrounds are inspected on a regular basis and that any playground apparatus that poses a health or safety hazard to the public shall be assessed and prioritized in accordance with this policy and repaired, removed or otherwise dealt with so as to prevent further use of that apparatus

    SER-011-017 Pool Allocation (6.9 KB)

    Strathcona County’s aquatic facilities are intended to generate opportunities for the benefit of residents that enable the pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices. Recreation, Parks and Culture shall have in place a policy to offer an equitable system of distribution of pool space to the various pool users within Strathcona County.

What is policy?
A policy sets guidelines for Strathcona County in decision-making, service delivery, and goal achievement.

What is the purpose of policy?
The policies in the Municipal Policy Handbook are intended to:

  • set standards of care on services the County will provide
  • promote understanding of Council's objectives
  • provide understanding of the County's position on issues
  • ensure consistent handling of similar situations
  • support transparent and accountable governance

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