Secondary suites

Secondary suites offer an innovative, cost-effective way to increase the amount of affordable housing options in Strathcona County. 

This housing option helps meet the lifestyle and social needs of County residents, particularly for those looking for rental housing. 

“Secondary suite” means an accessory use consisting of one additional self- contained dwelling unit located within a single dwelling. 

Note: “Garden Suite” means an accessory use on the same lot as the principal dwelling, which is either a separate one (1) storey building having no garage component, or a suite above an accessory building or to the rear of an accessory building (at grade), or a suite within an accessory building. For information on garden suites, click here. 

General Information

Printable Brochure - Secondary Suites (578.3 KB)

Applying for Permits

To obtain the necessary permits, you will be required to submit: 

  • A completed development permit application form with landowner signature. 
  • A completed building permit application form. 
  • Three copies of the site plan (a photocopy of the Real Property Report is preferred) identifying the parking locations and second entrance. 
  • Three copies of the floor plans for each level of the entire dwelling (principal and suite) with dimensions and rooms labeled. Window sizes and smoke detector locations must also be shown. 
  • Photographs of the exterior of the dwelling (all four sides). 
  • Current copy of land title (printed within the last 30 days). 
  • A completed fire safety plan - information on construction fire safety plans and protection requirements

Secondary Suite Fees

Please see “Secondary Suite” in the current development and building fee schedules

Note: The Safety Code Council fee also applies to secondary suites, please see the current building fee schedule.

More Information

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