fire safety

Stop fires before they happen.

According to the Alberta Fire Commissioner's Statistical Report (2011 - 2012), cooking, arson, and smoking were the top three known causes of home fires in Alberta. The kitchen area, court/patio/terrace and sleeping areas were the top three areas of fire origin.

Fire safety in your yard

  • Store firewood away from any structure.
  • Store fuels and other flammable liquids in a secure location, such as a locked shed or your garage 
  • Remove any dry and dead plant debris from under decks, in the gutters and accumulations against any structure.
  • Dispose garbage, lumber and bulky waste properly.
  • Mow and water your grass around your home.
  • Enclose combustible decks with non-combustible materials.
  • Always keep a watchful eye on fire pits when they are in use and make sure they are safe.
  • Contact your utility company if trees or branches are not clear of power lines on your property.

Fire safety tips for children

  • Store matches and lighters out of children's reach and sight, up high, preferably in a locked cabinet.
  • Never use lighters or matches as a source of amusement for children as they may imitate you.
  • If your child expresses curiosity about fire or has been playing with fire, calmly but firmly explain that matches and lighters are tools for adults only. Additional information for help if you suspect a youth firesetter.
  • Only use lighters designed with child-resistant features; remember child-resistant does not mean child-proof.

Turn off your vehicle when refuelling

Did you know that it's against the law to leave your vehicle engine running when refuelling? Gas vapours, which are heavier than air, linger at ground level and in enclosed spaces, and can flow in pools and gaseous streams. All it would take to create an explosion is a mix of fuel vapours, enough oxygen, and a source of ignition. Ignition sources can vary from a cigarette spark, to a hot exhaust pipe, to static electricity. Also, be sure to not re-enter the vehicle when refuelling because of the potential of creating static electricity, and do not smoke within 7.5 metres (or 25 feet) of a gas pump.

Store batteries safely

A battery is a common item found in most homes, so knowing how to properly store them is important!

Exposed electrode leads on a 9 and 6 volt battery can arc and cause a fire if a conductor (e.g. steel wool) is present. For example, if batteries are stored loosely in a storage drawer, something that can cause a reaction could rub against the leads and cause a fire. When storing your batteries:

  • leave batteries in their original package
  • leave the protective cap on the electrode lead (9 volt and 6 volt)
  • cover the electrode leads with electrical tape
  • wrap batteries so they remain upright, with the electrode lead facing upwards
  • dispose batteries properly

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