The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth plan sets out priorities for regional growth and change that are reflected in the County Municipal Development Plan (MDP). In order to ensure that the County is reaching the goals and objectives of the region and the MDP, key performance indicators are being monitored at a regional or municipal level within the categories of:

  1. Economic Competitiveness and Employment
  2. Natural Living Systems
  3. Communities and Housing
  4. Integration of Land use and Infrastructure
  5. Transportation Systems
  6. Agriculture 

Monitoring growth and change within the County’s urban and rural areas allows the County and region to more accurately predict future trends and provides valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the County Policies. The County’s performance will indicate whether additional updates are required to the County’s Municipal Development Plan or other County documents in order to reach our local and regional targets.

View the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan

View Strathcona County's Municipal Development Plan

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