Strathcona County's Planning and Development Services department assigns addresses for all properties in the County. The  Civic Addressing Bylaw 29-2010 (176.2 KB) regulates addressing in Strathcona County.

See Subdivision maps for existing rural addresses within subdivisions.

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What information is required for me to get a new address or confirm an existing address?

Any information you may have can be useful such as:
Legal land description (i.e.: SW 16-52-21-W4 or Lot, Block, Plan)
Tax roll number
For rural addresses, location of access to the property (driveway) from an existing property line is needed.

How are urban addresses created?

Once the street names are approved by council, house numbers are assigned to each lot. For commercial properties the address is based on what road the main access to the property is located on. In Strathcona County, where it is possible, even house numbers are located on the north and west side of the road and odd numbers are on the east and south side.

How are rural addresses created?

Rural addresses are based on the grid system created by the township roads (which run east/west) and the range roads (which run north/south). Each mile is divided into 40 units, which determines the suffix of the address. The even house numbers are located on the north and west side of the road and the odd numbers are on the east and south side. Even numbers run from 2 to 80. Odd numbers run from 1 to 79.

For properties that front onto Range Roads, the first part of the address has two possibilities. If it is located on the first (most southernly) mile between Township Roads, it will take the prefix of the Township Road directly south. If it is in the second mile, you add 1 to the prefix. This occurs only on properties that front onto Range Roads, it is not the case of properties fronting onto Township Roads.

In the address 52137 Range Road 222, the second part of the address (Range Road 222) denotes the road upon which the road faces. The first part of the address (52137) denotes that the property is located north of Township Road 520, and that it is unit 37 of the 40 unit grid.

For rural subdivisions the address for the whole subdivision is based on the most southern address or the most easterly entrance to the subdivision. House numbers are then assigned individually to each lot.

Any road names within the subdivision are put up by the developer for navigation purposes only and do not serve any purpose as far as addressing is concerned.

Rural addressing example (191.1 KB)

Do I have to post my correct address?

Yes. It is very important that, whether you are in the rural or urban areas, your address is posted correctly and that it is easily visible from the road. This is for your benefit so that fire, ambulance or police can find you in case of emergency. It is your responsibility to ensure your address remains visible does not get overgrown by trees, shrubs, etc. To ensure the quickest response time, should you require assistance from any emergency services, your address must be posted correctly and in plain view from the road.

Where must my address be posted?

In urban areas the proper address shall be posted in a conspicuous place no higher than the first storey of a dwelling. Each address letter or number shall be a minimum size of 75mm (2.95 in.).

In rural areas the proper address shall be posted in a conspicuous place either on a sign adjacent to the driveway at property line or on the mail or paper delivery box. Each address letter or number shall be a minimum size of 75mm (2.95 inches).

Can I change my address?

In certain instances an address can be changed. If the desired address change will work within the existing address numbers surrounding the property it will be considered. A written request must be submitted stating the desired address change and the reasons for the change. Once the request is reviewed, an application form must be filled out and a fee of $400 must be paid. The address then goes through the process of being changed and the proper contacts are notified of the change. It is then the applicant's responsibility to change their mailing address and notify all parties affected.

Can I get my postal code from Strathcona County?

Canada Post assigns all postal codes. Strathcona County does not create the postal codes; therefore we do not give out postal codes. To ensure you receive the correct postal code for your property you are encouraged to contact Canada Post directly. Phone: 1-900-565-2633 or go online at where you can input your address to find out your current postal code. You will need your current address for Canada Post to determine your postal code.

It is helpful for you to have any pertinent land information readily available when you contact us.

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