Have you ever wondered …

  • What is the history of Strathcona County?
  • What is known about early Indigenous peoples?
  • Why did settlers move here?
  • Why is our municipality both urban and rural?
  • How did Strathcona County become the specialized municipality it is today?

These questions and more are answered in a short video series called … The past where we live. These two short videos share some of the back story of how our municipality has formed. We hope they offer you a sense of place and a greater appreciation of Strathcona County’s origins as a municipality, and of its cultural and natural heritage.

Learn more about Strathcona County and its history in this video series, titled:

The past where we live

A specialized municipality – explores Strathcona County’s municipal history

A rich and plentiful country – depicts resources that have drawn people to Strathcona County.

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