School sites

Strathcona County strives to meet the long-term needs of the community by setting aside spaces for future school developments.

The County collaborates with the school boards and developer to allocate future school sites when developing area structure plans.

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) provides a detailed framework for how land will be used in the future, and how it will be serviced. It guides rezoning, subdivision and development.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What factors does Strathcona County consider when allocating land for school development?

    An Area Structure Plan provides a detailed framework for how land will be used in the future. The County works together with the developer(s), school boards, and residents through public consultation, to establish appropriate location for school sites.

    Transportation systems, utility servicing and topography are all taken into consideration during this review to ensure safe and efficient land use.     

  • 2. Where can I find out which areas in Strathcona County are designated as school zones?

    Using information from our Area Structure Plans, the County has developed a map to highlight future school zones (PDF – 1.7 MB).

  • 3. Why does Strathcona County build baseball diamonds/soccer fields/parks on land designated as a school zone?

    Strathcona County seeks to provide as many recreational opportunities in our community as possible. As part of its strategy to encourage early recreational use, Strathcona County uses public service green spaces for community use, such as baseball diamonds, until a designated school zone area is developed.

  • 4. Who can I contact with questions about land use?

    Please contact Planning and Development Services.
    Phone: 780-464-8080

  • 5. Who can I contact with questions once a school site is announced for development?

    Please contact the school board which has announced the new school site.

  • 6. How is Strathcona County involved with the school board once a site is selected for development?

    Once a school board submits a development permit application, the County will work with the schoolboard to ensure the area is developed according to appropriate safety and community standards, including traffic safety.

  • 7. How are residents involved in school zone designation and development?

    As part of the application process, a developer must host at least two public open houses to present a proposed Area Structure Plan (ASP).

    These meetings are advertised in the local newspaper and posted on the County’s website. Residents immediately adjacent to the plan area are also mailed notices. 

    The ASP application is also circulated to all school boards for review and comment.  The school boards, developer and the County will have discussions on the location and size of the proposed school sites.

    The County considers all public feedback from the open houses and the discussions with the school boards prior to finalizing the plan to be brought forward to Council. 

    Once an ASP is finalized, a public hearing is held as part of a regularly scheduled Council meeting as per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. Residents have a final opportunity to speak to Council and identify any comments or concerns related to the proposed ASP.

    The public hearing is advertised in the local newspaper as well as posted on the County’s website.  The adjacent residents are again mailed notice of the public hearing directly. 

  • 8. What role does Council have in school zone designation and development?

    It is Council’s role to review and decide whether to approve an Area Structure Plan (ASP). An ASP provides a detailed framework for how land will be used in the future, such as land zoned for schools.

    Once Council has approved an ASP it becomes a bylaw. Developers can then proceed with subdividing, zoning and servicing the lands based on market demand.

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