Free recreation opportunities

Enjoy free play days, art exhibits, swimming, skating, and more with Strathcona County's free recreation opportunities.

Scheduled free activities

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Fall Fun 

Indoor fun

  • Children under 2 years old do not pay admission fees to any recreation facility.

Art Gallery

  • Did you know that admission to Strathcona County's art gallery is free (suggested donation only)? Gallery@501 is located in the Community Centre (Sherwood Park) and have scheduled new exhibits and programs throughout the year.
  • Have you checked out the extensive public art collection throughout Strathcona County? Discover our collection of murals, sculptures and other treasures. Presently, the collection houses over 350 artworks including 46 works by youth and 39 public art pieces.

Disc golf

  • Disc golf similar to regular golf, but instead of using golf clubs and balls, disc golf uses discs. Bring your discs to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre to play for free. Disc rentals are available.


  • Tennis, volleyball, pickleball, handball and basketball provide great opportunities for friends to get together and have fun. These courts are free to use unless there is a booking. To book an outdoor court, email

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