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Economic trends for 2018

  • We will see growth in the range of 2% GDP for Strathcona County
  • Housing prices will remain firm pricing around $450,000 for single family dwelling
  • Rents will be competitive around $1,500 to $2,000 per month with more choices
  • Our economy is showing signs of diversification, especially in value added products
  • There will be more petrochemical projects announced in 2018
  • At least two rate hikes by Bank of Canada and two bank rate hikes by the United States Federal Reserve

For more information, read the monthly Economic Update (5.1 MB) .

Economic Directions 2018

For a review of economic development activity in the Strathcona County region, this booklet features entrepreneurial initiatives, non-residential, industrial and residential development, tourism activities, community engagement and more.

Economic Directions 2018 (5.4 MB)

Building construction and housing data

Obtain the most current building permit data using the interactive Open Data portal - useful for developers, real estate agents and entrepreneurs.


The following federal census reports provide quick facts and easy to understand graphs and charts.

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