Census reports

The Strathcona County census reports provide:

  • population numbers
  • population by municipal ward
  • dwellings statistics
  • length of residency
  • school residency of residents
  • citizenship
  • gender and year of birth of residents
  • marital status
  • employment or student status 

Census reports

2015 Census Report (1.5 MB)

2012 Census Report (581.0 KB)

2009 Census Report (2.9 MB)

2008 Census Report (1.8 MB)

2005 Census Report (451.6 KB)

Specific breakdowns for particular neighbourhoods and areas in the County, as well as different groupings of demographic data, can be requested by emailing gismaps@strathcona.ca.  For any other questions regarding these reports, please contact Phil Kreisel by email at phil.kreisel@strathcona.ca, or call 780-464-8252.

All demographic data for public use is also available on the Open Data portal

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