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Information for businesses regarding COVID-19

Strathcona County recognizes COVID 19 could have a significant impact on our business community. Economic Development and Tourism is providing information on business and economic response recovery tools.

Strathcona County is where entrepreneurs come to succeed.

We are proud of those who have chosen our municipality as the base for their business. With the numerous opportunities found in the municipality, from lower taxes to a location that can’t be topped, there are endless possibilities for industries to grow and find success. Our local business community is celebrated and supported by our residents with an emphasis on shopping local and reinforcing those within our community. Find out more about local entrepreneurs who continue to find success in Strathcona County and find your place among them.

In Strathcona County, you can.

  • Q.  What sets Behrends apart from other foundry-based sign companies? 

    Even though everything is a sign, not everything is the same. Everything that comes to us is unconventional and so unconventional is our conventional. We always seem to go a little further because we know that cast plaque is going to be there for centuries. 

    Q. How does Behrends continue to be an exciting place to work? 

    Our company has always been at that level of quality, right from our founder, John Behrends. Some of the projects that we’ve done have become landmarks across Canada and being able to be part of that legacy is what keeps staff coming here every day.  

    Q. What are some of the reasons why you appreciate doing business in Strathcona County? 

    We worked collectively with Strathcona County on a recent office and shop expansion. Strathcona County gets involved with the community and that’s what makes it such a great place. It’s a large group but they treat you like they’re not a huge corporation. You have a little bit of a smaller town feel and it’s nice to step out of the hustle and bustle of downtown and have that here.  

    Q. What does Behrend’s future in Strathcona County look like? 

    We came here in 1979, and 41 years later we’re still here. It’s home, and our future is here. We’re not leaving. 

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Watch this space for other local entrepreneurs sharing their business success stories in Strathcona County.

In Strathcona County, you can.

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