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Strathcona County recognizes COVID 19 could have a significant impact on our business community. Economic Development and Tourism is providing information on business and economic response recovery tools.

Strathcona County is where entrepreneurs come to succeed.

We are proud of those who have chosen our municipality as the base for their business. With the numerous opportunities found in the municipality, from lower taxes to a location that can’t be topped, there are endless possibilities for industries to grow and find success. Our local business community is celebrated and supported by our residents with an emphasis on shopping local and reinforcing those within our community. Find out more about local entrepreneurs who continue to find success in Strathcona County and find your place among them.

In Strathcona County, you can.

  • Q. What does Rivet Management offer its clients?

    A. We focus on doing tenant improvements and some residential design and construction. Our specialty is what we call branded design. It’s figuring out your brand and what you stand for and all the special things about your company and making that come to life in an environment to support those services or offerings.

    Q. What makes Rivet Management stand out from other contracting companies?

    A. We are very much an industry disrupter in the sense where we do the design and construction in one source. We’re also a local company and we’re willing to go above and beyond for our clients.

    Q. What have you overcome to open Rivet Management?

    A. I’m a female, Indigenous woman in a construction world. I couldn’t do things the way everyone else did it, I had to kind of forge my own way of doing it which was a huge part of why I brought the design portion into it.

    Q. Why did you choose Strathcona County as the place to open your business?

    A. When we started our business, we had a lot of contemplation whether to go into Edmonton or Strathcona County. What we realized with Strathcona County is that they’re there to support us. You have a question about your space, you call them, and they help you. They want to do that, and I say that’s an anomaly.

    Q. Why do you continue to stay in Strathcona County?

    A. Having it in Strathcona County meant things like lower taxes, better access to business programming, better supports for our business throughout both in the start-ups and growth stages so that we knew we would always have those supports there.

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In Strathcona County, you can.

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