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The Strathcona County community is very proud of its entrepreneurs. Businesses choose to do business here, not only because they are empowered and enabled to succeed, but also because they are surrounded by like-minded movers, shakers, and doers. Here are a few of them.


Q: You have a unique company located in Strathcona County. Tell us about Nutraponics. 

A: Nutraponics Canada is an Indoor Vertical Aqauponics Farming company that grows pure, pesticide free produce by creating natural symbiotic ecosystems for our plants and fish. Aquaponics is a sustainable farming technique where fish are farmed alongside plants. The fish are fed our special blend of organic feed and can then be sold to consumers. The fish produce nitrate rich water, which is circulated to fertilize our delicious leafy greens. Our mission is to lead the sustainable food movement by building a global network of our indoor vertical aquaponics farms. 

Q: What is the next goal for Nutraponics to reach in the next five years?
A: Our five-year goal is to build a Nutraponics farming facility in every province and territory in Canada while beginning our international expansion. We want consumers across Canada to have the option to buy, eat, and enjoy our pure and clean products. 

Q: How would you describe the support received from Strathcona County?
A: The support we have received from Strathcona County has been unbelievable. 

Q: Why did Nutraponics choose Strathcona County?
A: Originally, we chose Strathcona County so that we could run research on an acreage farm, with immediate access to a network of over 1.4 million consumers in Strathcona County and Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Today, we realize that the tight knit community is extremely supportive, innovative, and willing to go that extra mile to support their business community. We made the right choice.  

Learn more about Nutraponics Canada


JACEK Chocolate Couture

Q: Tell us about JACEK Chocolate Couture. You have a unique product produced right here in the Edmonton Metropolian Region of Strathcona County.
A: People don’t disagree with me when I say that I have one of the best jobs in the world as a ‘Cocoanista’- a chocolate designer.  The concept was created when I couldn’t decide whether to become a fashion designer or a chocolatier, so I combined the two to create my dream job. Like fashion, JACEK launches seasonal collections that are a treat to the eyes and the taste buds, and have recently launched the inaugural bean-to-bar Fabric Collection. JACEK Chocolate Couture was started in 2009 in my home basement in Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, and now includes a production facility, three retail boutiques (Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Canmore), and an online store. We are committed to innovation, artistry and the best ingredients, with a quest of spreading joy through fine, fashionable chocolate. Each chocolate is hand-crafted, and are essentially pieces of edible art.

Q: You are just expanding into a larger manufacturing facility here in Strathcona County. What is your reason for staying in the region? 
A: We are proud to be in Sherwood Park, and did not consider leaving Strathcona County when we were looking to expand.  The Sherwood Park community and the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce have been a huge support to the business, and we want to continue serving here. For me personally, the short commute, being close to our son, and having access to other great businesses and amenities make Sherwood Park an awesome place to live, work and play!

Q: How would you describe the support received from Strathcona County – from when you were a home-based business to now? 
A: Strathcona County has been extremely supportive since I first started my business. When I started out in my basement, the Mayor, Councillors and Economic Development came for a visit to learn my new business and my vision for the future. The support has continued over the years, including being a part of the County’s mentorship program.

Q: What is next for Jacek Chocolates?
A: We are very excited for the future- our goal is to bring joy to a million people by July 2024. One of the leaps we are making to accelerate the achievement of this goal is by expanding our production and retail location in Sherwood Park (tripled the space!), and working on a strategy to bring joy online across Canada.

Learn more about JACEK Chocolate Couture

Watch this space for other local entreperneurs sharing their business success stories in Strathcona County.

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