Business licences

Strathcona County does not require business licenses.


BizPaL is a convenient, one-stop application to look up all permits and licenses required for your business. This interactive online tool will look up federal, provincial and municipal requirements. BizPaL is free. Optionally, you may contact contact Planning and Development Services to guide you through the necessary permitting requirements.


Development permits

A development permit is required when businesses are:

  • Established on a vacant commercial space
  • Changing the land use of space
  • Developing a new commercial building
  • Operating from home

Building permits

A business will require a building permit for construction (both interior or exterior). Building permits may also be required for changing the use of a space. For example: starting a business in a home or residential space.

For both Development and Building Permits, please contact Planning and Development Services.


Proper zoning is required for a development permit to be considered. Businesses must ensure that the zoning of a proposed site allows for its intended use. When leasing or buying property for your business, ensure that possession is subject to obtaining the necessary permit approvals through Planning and Development Services.


There are no business taxes in Strathcona County. However, businesses that own property are required to pay property taxes through Assessment and Tax.


If you are starting a business, a private registry can help you conduct name searches or register or incorporate your business. There are no additional registration requirements for businesses in Strathcona County.

Federal requirements

When starting your business, be sure to file the proper paperwork with the Canada Revenue Agency. You will require an employer’s Business Number (BN) for Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and income tax deductions. Most businesses in Canada must also obtain a Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration to collect GST.

Provincial requirements

Some businesses, such as prepaid contractors, direct sellers, gas stations and employment agencies, may require provincial permits or licences. Please check the specific provincial requirements of your business.

Health and food safety permits

Health and food safety permits are administered by Alberta Health Services (Environmental Public Health). Please contact Alberta Health Services to confirm if your business requires health or food safety permits.

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