Strathcona County monitors traffic movement to make informed traffic management decisions. We also conduct noise studies by resident request to address noise concerns.

Traffic counters set up on the road

Traffic count uses and methods

Traffic counts record the number and types of vehicles on County roads. They are conducted in rural and urban areas to help:

  • Identify locations where poor drive behaviour occurs
  • Update traffic calming measures
  • Update traffic signal timings
  • Assist developers planning new projects
  • Assist in long-range planning for our road network
  • Determine which roads need improvements
  • Determine traffic safety countermeasures for identified problems

There are two methods used for traffic counts:

  • Automatic counts - Automatic counts uses different data collection tools like pneumatic hose counters, radar counters and video camera. This method typically runs all day and for longer durations.
  • Manual counts - Manual counts are conducted by Strathcona County employees and are used to gather specific characteristics of the type of movement on our roadways and through our intersections. This method is used for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Traffic count maps for urban and rural

Visit our traffic counts interactive web map to see both the urban and rural traffic counts in Strathcona County. 

Strathcona County Urban Business/Commercial Site Trip Generation Study

A report detailing trip generation factors and vehicle classifications reflective of weekday and weekend traffic characteristics of various business/commercial sites along the Baseline Road corridor in Sherwood Park.

Strathcona County Urban Business/Commercial Site Trip Generation Study (9.8 MB)

Request a traffic noise study

Noise level data is collected by resident request and evaluated based on the limits in the Strathcona County Traffic Noise Policy.  

Please review the policy below for additional information.

To request a traffic noise study, please submit a request through County Connect.

Further information:

Transportation Engineering and Operations
Phone: 780-417-7100

County Connect

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