Aviator – Ode to the Bush Pilot, by Brian Litwin, 2017

There are many benefits in participating in a visual arts program including:

  • Engage the senses - the whole experience is important
  • Express emotions, tell a story, or just enjoy the materials
  • Learn new skills, explore your creative side
  • Work in a comfortable and supportive environment
  • Have as much or as little physical involvement as desired
  • Improve eye/hand coordination, good right/left brain activity
  • Leave class relaxed and renewed
  • Learn to communicate through visual means
  • Combine skills & ideas - physical, mental, psychological / emotional, spiritual
  • Discover how flexible projects and media are
  • Find great success no matter what is explored
  • Realize that everyone has creative potential and ability
  • Boost confidence
  • Increase social interaction
  • Improved health and/or healing, and overall wellbeing

Many skills are further developed by participating in an arts program, including: 

  • Cognitive skills
  • Imagination
  • Creative abilities
  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor skills
  • Language and general communication
  • Social skills
  • Sense of time, place, history
  • Ability to focus and concentrate
  • Listening skills
  • Risk taking
  • Tolerance, acceptance, cultural understanding, respect
  • Individuality and community awareness

Benefits to the Community

  • People of all ages and abilities can participate
  • No previous knowledge or skills are required
  • People with arts experience make more well-rounded, creative employees
  • Skills are enhanced in critical thinking, analyzing, interpreting, problem solving, communicating, etc.
  • Arts are linked into physical, human and social capital
  • Youth involved in the arts generally perform better in school, have better attendance, participate in more math & science activities, join youth groups, read more, etc
  • The arts help create life-long learners who are participants in, and promoters of, the cultural opportunities and diversity in their community

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