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Active Schools

Access valuable and interactive resources for you and your class on this centralized source for school related events, programs and activities in Strathcona County. Explore all the exciting opportunities in the Active Schools Guide!

Active Schools Guide 2017-18 (4.4 MB)

Teacher Resources

Your centralized source for field trips, class presentations, school related events, contests and more!

Active Schools Teachers' Reciprocal Use Guide 2017-18 (2.8 MB)

Activity booklets

Here are some great booklets that you and your class can work through together. Print off the entire booklet or just the section that will work best for your class: Millennium Place activity book | Parks activity book

Environmental Education:  Healthy you | Healthy Education

Tips for Teachers!

Keeping kids active throughout the day can help them learn better, focus more and stay on task. Even small bursts of activity can be beneficial for you and your students. 

We know that other than physical education classes and recess it can be a struggle to add activitiy into your students' days. That's why we've curated a list of awesome resources to help you find some great ideas that are organized by grade level and related to your curriculum.

Here is one example of 10 minute energizer from Apple Schools:

Millimeter, Centimeter, and Meter, Oh My! (Gr. 2-6)

  1. Have students line up around the perimeter of the room or stand at their desks. 
  2. Have students start with feet side by side and move one set of toes ahead of the other set of toes to represent millimeter or “small”. 
  3. Have students place one foot in front of the other to represent centimeters or “medium”. 
  4. Have students take one large step forward to represent meter or “large”. 
  5. Call out different measurements: Example – Move forward 2 centimeters, then 5 millimeters, then 1 yard. 
  6. Have all students move in the same direction. Variations: 1. Add directions (right, left, forward, back). 

Example: Move back 3 meters and right 2 centimeters.

Find more resources here:

Apple Schools Energizers

Purposeful Movement - Doug Gleddie / University of Alberta

Active For Life: Lesson Plans and Resources

Tips for Parents!

Sometimes it can be tricky to come up with new and fun ideas to get your kids more active. Here are some resources to help you encourage your family to be active.

Need more ideas?
Try Active for Life Activities

Short on time?
Use the Active for Life, Kid Active App. Set the amount of time you have and it will give you a bunch of activities to try out.

Worried about outdoor play?
Read the Participaction 2015 Report Card. Sending you kids outside to play is important. The biggest risk is keeping them indoors! 

Did you know...

  • Grade 5 and 6 students who are often or always allowed to go out and explore unsupervised get 20 per cent more heartpumping activity than those who are always supervised.
  • Risky outdoor play is not about courting danger – it’s about play that is thrilling and exciting, such as climbing high, exploring the woods and rough-housing, where kids independently test their abilities and limits. 

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