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  • Have you ever wondered ...

    What is the history of Strathcona County?

    Why did settlers move here?

    Why is our municipality both urban and rural?

    Strathcona County is a unique municipality with a fascinating history. Many of us living here now have moved here from somewhere else. As such, we may be interested in learning more about this place we now call home.

    Here are a number of resources to help build understanding of our local history:

    A. History and heritage section on Strathcona County's website

    Posted online you will find an array of written material, videos and photos to help you learn more about local history. Here is how the material is organized:

    At a glance | Themes | People | Places | Narratives | Historic resources | Doing research | Our history matters

    Check it out at:

    Smeltzer HouseB. Smeltzer House is 100!

    Built for one of Salisbury district’s first homesteaders, Smeltzer House has stood steadfast since 1920, even as surrounding rural farmland shifted to the urban streets of Sherwood Park. Check out for for a virtual house tour and a presentation on the Smeltzer family pioneers and local history.

    C. Historical videos - The past where we live

    For teachers of upper elementary, junior high and senior high: You can use these two videos to introduce students to Strathcona County’s history.

    Historical videos: The past where we live

    • The first video, Strathcona County: A rich and plentiful country, tells a story of the natural resources that have drawn people to this area. (11 minutes)
    • The second video, Strathcona County: A specialized municipality, describes how Strathcona County as a municipality has formed over time. (9 minutes)
      • This video could be used alone or as a sister piece to the Specialized Municipality activity booklet produced for the Grade 6 curriculum.

    D. Why is Strathcona County considered a specialized municipality?

    Strathcona County as a municipal government has roots that go back to 1893. Sherwood Park started up as a satellite community in the 1950s. As it has morphed and changed over the past 125 years, our municipality has gone through a number of iterations in how it has governed its residents. For modern-day Strathcona County, which is now both rural and urban, January 1, 2021 marks 25 years as a specialized municipality.

    Check back for an updated version of an activity booklet aligned with Grade 6 curriculum.

    Lori Clapp, History and Heritage Specialist, 780-416-6762

  • Strathcona Wilderness Centre is developing offerings for distanced outdoor education.

    More information:

    Outdoor Recreation Programmer

  • Education Programs at Gallery @501 are based on the exhibitions scheduled throughout the year in the gallery. Programs are tailored to the grade level, and connect to a variety of subject matter within the Alberta Curriculum. The focus of our Education Programs is to provide an interconnected, multidisciplinary approach to learning.

  • Flexible Solutions for Physical Education

    Strathcona County is proud to partner with schools to offer Swim@School, a family of swimming and water safety programs designed to help students of every age and ability stay physically active and safe in, on, and around the water. Each program is taught by fully certified swimming and water safety instructors who are passionate about your student’s learning and enjoyment. Whether you want a single opportunity or a session of lessons, want to bring a single class or the entire school, all courses are designed to maximize the instructional time, student-to-instructor ratio, and overall experience for you and your students.

    Kindergarten Programs

    From learning the building blocks of swimming skills, to reinforcing socialization, turn-taking, and classroom skills, the Red Cross Swim Preschool program will start your students on the road to personal development. Join us for a session of singing, splashing, playing, and learning as your students develop physical literacy skills in our unique aquatic environment.

    Elementary Programs

    The Red Cross Swim Kids program is an excellent way to teach students a valuable life skill and it is designed to meet curricular physical education requirements. We have a variety of lesson formats available, from 6 to 10 weeks, depending upon the season you choose. Please note that this program does fill quickly and is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Jr/Sr High Programs

    We are pleased to introduce our Jr/Sr High Sport Program which has been built on the Canadian Sport for Life model. Join us for one field trip or set-up a session as we seek to introduce your students to a variety of aquatic sports, encouraging them to find meaningful recreation opportunities that will engage them and keep them active and healthy for life. Taught by our certified instructors, you can choose from a variety of options to ensure your students have an opportunity to experience all the benefits of an aquatic physical education. Some of the sports you can select include:

    • Water Polo

    • Stroke Improvement

    • Diving

    • Underwater Hockey

    • Sport/Triathlon Swimming

    • AquaZumba

    • Kayaking/Boating

    • Lifesaving Sport

    • And more!

    Adapted Programs

    We are pleased to offer specialized programming for classes dedicated to complex needs. We provide lower ratios and lower stimulus times to ensure your students have the opportunity to experience the best swimming and water safety program available. For more information, please contact us and ask to discuss school opportunities for adapted aquatics.

    Faculty Programs

    Is your staff looking for a unique health and wellness opportunity for professional development days? Our team of swimming and water safety experts will work with you to create a program to make PD days a success. Choose from great options like underwater hockey, inner tube water polo, a dip in the hot tub or steam room, or develop swimming skills from floating to stroke improvement.

    How Do I Book?

    1. Reserve Today
      Several dedicated time slots for schools looking for swimming and water safety programs are available. Contact the aquatic programming team to find an available time slot or wait-list for a future opportunity.
    2. Gather Registrations
      Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will receive all of the information you need to enrol each of your students. Simply follow the directions and complete the registration forms. Once everything is ready to go, deliver you registration package to Emerald Hills Leisure Centre and we will take it from there.
    3. Attend Your Lessons
      Our team of dedicated aquatic professionals will complete your registrations and prepare for your upcoming arrival. Once everyone is changed and on the pool deck, sit back and relax as your group is taken through a brief safety presentation and whisked away for their swimming program.

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