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  • Let’s think outside the box together! – We realize that this year is going to be a bit different but we want to offer these free opportunities to you to help keep some creativity, fun and interactive learning in your classrooms.

    We are open to any other suggestions or ideas you might have that we can do to help your class learn about protecting Mother Earth.

    Presentations – We have taken our in class presentation into a Google meet format. We will come to you virtually with all the same great information and pictures as in class. Present us on your Smartboard or on-line and students can ask questions in class or on the chat. In person presentations are available whenever the school permits, indoors or outdoors.

    It’s a Kahoot! – Have students take the Kahoot quiz we have created after our presentation to test their knowledge in a fun and interactive format.

    Beeswax wrap kits – Students learn to reduce plastic waste by making beeswax wraps. Individual kits can be given for students to take home and do or we can drop o a kit that includes everything you will need to make the wraps in class. Watch this short how to video to see how easy they are.

    Green Routine game – A kit can be dropped o at the school for kids to have a fun relay race to see if they know what can be recycled or composted. Great activity for in a cohort classroom or outside.

    Book bins – We have three bins full of great books for all age levels to learn about the environment. Bins can be dropped o at the school and picked up at a later date.

    Story time – Watch this video for a reading of Why Should I Recycle? By Jen Green

    Erin Wildeboer, Waste Diversion Program Liaison

  • Wastewater to Wetlands Presentation
    Grade 5
    We have modified our presentation to happen live through google meet, or through pre-recorded presentation. Students can learn about the importance of keeping our water resources clean and healthy, and the large role wetlands play in this process. In person presentations are available if permitted by the school, indoors or outdoors. 

    Kahoot Quiz
    Grade 5 (can be modified for other grades upon request)
    Students can take a Kahoot Quiz to test their knowledge on the role wetlands play in protecting our water. 

    Book bins
    Grades K-6
    We have two book bins (K-3 and 4-6) that can be dropped off at the school to learn all about water. Topics include water conservation/protection, the water cycle, the science of water, the world water crisis, and water/wastewater treatment. 

    Tapped out Presentation
    Grades 8-12
    Students learn the journey water takes from rivers to our taps. Activities encourage students to re-evaluate their understanding of where water comes from. Presentations can be given through google meet virtually or In person presentations are available if permitted by the school, indoors or outdoors. 

    Kendra Vander Kooy, Water and Waste Program Liaison

  • The best way to prepare for emergencies, is to try and prevent them. Emergency Services staff provide a variety of informative and fun presentations aimed at protecting each other and our community. Learn about fire prevention and preparedness training offered through Emergency Services.

    Virtual tour of a fire station, join one of our Fire Fighter / Paramedics and take a virtual tour of Fire Station 1. Learn about our first-responders, the trucks and the equipment. Watch the video

    At Home by Yourself, a program aimed at children ages 10 to 12 who may be left home alone for the first time (the fee is waived for school presentations)

    Hazard house, a presentation aimed at children ages 10 to 12. This presentation works best for groups of eight to 12 children at a time, but we can schedule back-to-back presentations to accommodate classes. This interactive presentations shows potential hazards in your home (the fee is waived for school presentations).

    72 hours of preparedness, a presentation for children and adults (all ages) to learn how to be better prepared to be self-sufficient in your home or in an evacuation centre for up to 72 hours 

    Play safe! Be safe!, a presentation for three to five year olds. This presentation focuses on stop, drop and roll; crawl low under smoke; stay away from lighters and matches and that firefighters are our friends.


  • Safety Education Presentations

    Police Pals
    Grades pre K to 4
    Students will learn about police officers and their role in the community. An RCMP officer will touch on seasonal safety tips, police uniforms and equipment including a police vehicle demonstration. Safety Bear has been known to tag along for these informative sessions.  

    Read In Week
    Grades pre K to 3
    RCMP and a special seasonal guest will attend your classroom to read a story that promotes student engagement. This allows students to meet a local RCMP officer and share the joy of reading. This presentation takes approximately 30 minutes.

    Safe Halloween
    Grades pre K to 3
    Students are reminded how to be safe on Halloween. Safety Bear and an RCMP member will attend for a fun and interactive experience. We can tailor this program anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

    Sports Challenge
    Have your school sports team play against the RCMP and Enforcement Services members in a friendly and exciting sports game.  

    If you wish to have an RCMP member and Safety Bear attend your event, please contact Community Policing. We would love to hear from you.

    Strathcona County RCMP
    Media Relations

  • School gardens are a place where students can learn about growing and eating healthy food. Through hands-on learning, teachers help students connect with the plant life cycle, while learning about seeds, soil, sun, water, bugs and weeds.

    Each participating school receives two raised garden beds, soil and seeds to get started (with opportunity for expansion over time). In 2020, the program is entering its seventh year with 24 schools participating, from elementary to high school.

    School gardens inspire creativity and wonder. Kindergarteners learn that fresh-picked spinach is sweet and tasty and that good nutrition helps grow muscles, like Popeye. High School students incorporate growing and harvesting vegetables and herbs into their culinary arts program. In the fall, harvest soups made with root vegetables are ways teachers and students celebrate growing food.

    Are you wondering how to start or expand a school garden program at your school? Visit for more detail.

    Transportation and Agriculture Services

  • Come learn the stories of Strathcona County. Students will discover the County’s past and present through interactive activities, artifacts, photographs, games, and oral histories. Our programs explore the County’s events, land, and people and allow students to learn where they fit within our local history.

    Our programs include:

    • School programs Grade 1 – 6 (field trips or in-class)
    • Guided Tours
    • Online Teacher & Student Resources
    • Summer Camps
    • Seasonal Events

    We also offer a wide variety of adult programming throughout the year. From wine tasting to lectures, there’s always lots to see and do at Strathma.


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