Nourishing mental health and healthy relationships

“Students who are healthy—not only physically, but also socially, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally—are more likely to do well in school. Mental health, school success and life success are strongly linked” 
(Alberta Health Services Be Kind to Yourself and Others Mental Health Kit)

Free programs for students & families

Parenting is a journey, and most families need help along the way. If you notice a student or family that may benefit from support, the Strathcona County Family Resource Network (FRN) is a great place to start. The FRN offers free services for families with children ages 0-18, including:

  • Programs to promote healthy child development, from pregnancy to youth
  • Reliable parenting information and strategies
  • Connection to community and local resources

Support is free, parent-led and flexible, ranging from group workshops and learning opportunities to customized one-on-one consultation, with options for in-person, virtual or phone support.

Information on programs and how to access services for families

Free in-school programs

The Mental Health Capacity Building (MCHB) program can facilitate social emotional and mental health programs. School programs include:

Kimochis (Kindergarten to Grade 2)

Supports young children with identifying emotions and accepting that all feelings are okay, even the "hard-to-have" ones.

Healthy Friendships (Grades 2-3)

A five-week program that supports students with social emotional learning, specifically exploring the following topics:

  • Friendly and unfriendly behaviours
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Connecting through empathy
  • Navigating tricky situations such as conflicts and disagreements
  • When to get an adult involved to help our friends if they need it

Learn more about the MHCB and in-school programs

Solutions navigation and counselling

The County's Family and Community Services can support families through life's challenges. They will lend a listening ear and practical support to families' needs, including finances, housing, mental health challenges or accessing local services.

Access Solutions Navigation and Counselling


Family and Community Services

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