Strathcona County does not have a Cat Bylaw, however property owners can take steps to humanely deter unwanted cats from their yards and flower beds.

  • Some plants and herbs naturally deter cats by giving off smells that cats dislike, including Rue, Lavender, Pennyroyal, Lemongrass, Coleus and Citronella.
  • There are numerous types of cat repellent sprays and granules, which can be purchased at many hardware stores.
  • Water is an effective repellent. Gently spraying or splashing water on a cat is a useful method for keeping them away. 
  • Remove any food sources that may be attracting cats into your yard. Ensure garbage / compost bins are securely shut. 
  • Bury chicken wire in the soil in the flower beds that you especially don't want cats to enter. 
  • While property owners can take steps to deter cats from their yards, bear in mind you cannot, under law, do anything to harm the animal. 

Cats in distress or abused

If you suspect a stray or abandoned cat is in distress or has been abused, make a complaint to:

Alberta SPCA
Phone: 1-800-455-9003

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