Elder Abuse Supports

Help is available: You are not alone

Abuse usually gets worse when it stays hidden. If you, or someone you know, are being abused, talk to someone you trust or who is trained to help.

Strathcona County Elder Abuse Line: Call 780-464-7233

This 24-hour, confidential telephone line is available to Strathcona County seniors experiencing abuse and those concerned for the well-being of a senior. Support, referrals, and information are provided.

It can be difficult to determine if elder abuse is taking place.

You may be experiencing abuse if someone close to you: 

  • pressures you to sign papers or use your money
  • prevents you from spending time with others
  • makes you feel scared or threatened
  • touches you in ways that you do not want
  • prevents you from getting food, clothes, medication, or medical care
  • hurts you physically

Remember, you can love a person and not like the way they are behaving. The situation is not your fault.

Services in Alberta

Is elder abuse happening in our community?

The need for elder abuse supports was identified in Strathcona County’s Older Adults Plan. The results of the 2009 Seniors Plan Survey found that: 

  • Five percent of survey respondents had experienced elder abuse by a family member.
  • Six percent indicated that someone close to them had been too involved in their decision-making.

Strathcona County Elder Abuse Response Network

This service is a collaboration between the RCMP, Covenant Health, A Safe Place, Sherwood Park Primary Care Network, Alberta Health Services Home Care, and Strathcona County Family and Community Services. This service can be accessed through the Strathcona County Elder Abuse Line. Call 780-464-7233

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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