Truck fill locations

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Locations and hours of operation

  • 1. Sherwood Park

    Located at 1350 Sherwood Drive (north of the traffic circle on Sherwood Drive and Broadmoor Blvd.)
    Operated by Strathcona County
    Hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

  • 2. Ardrossan

    Located on Range Road 222 (approximately 0.5 km north of Baseline Road)
    Operated by Strathcona County
    Hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

  • 3. Half Moon Lake

    Located on Range Road 220 south of Township Road 522 at Colonial Estates
    Single pipe facility and is intended for local area and residential haulers
    Hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

Methods of payment

  • 1. Pre-paid account

    A pre-paid account can be set up in advance by calling 780-464-8273. Payments can be made the same way as other Strathcona County utility bills (internet/telephone banking, by mail, or in person using debit, cash or a third-party credit option.)

    Once funds are received by Strathcona County, the amount will be credited to your truck fill access account. Please allow a minimum of two business days for credit on your account if paid via bank including Internet or third-party credit card company.

  • 2. Monthly billed account

    An account can be set up by calling 780-464-8273 in advance. There is a $30 initial connection fee and a monthly administration fee of $8.51. 

    Water purchases are made using a pin pad system and customers are invoiced monthly. Monthly-billed accounts are mainly for large water consumption purchases.

  • 3. Coin-fill operated system—available only at the Sherwood Park location

    Rates are $0.25 for approximately 22 gallons or 0.10 cubic metres of water. For $1 approximately 90 gallons or 0.41 cubic metres of water can be purchased.

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Ardrossan truck fill station upgrades

The upgrades at Ardrossan are now complete. We appreciate the patience of all the Ardrossan truck fill users as we completed the construction of the new facility.

Learn more about this project.

Truck fill rate 2019

The truck fill rate for Strathcona County fill locations is $2.42/m3 effective January 1, 2019.

Other truck fills in the region

  • 1. Fort Saskatchewan

    Located on 11121-88 Avenue (beside the Planning and Public Works office)
    Methods of payment: account or coin operation
    Further information: 780-992-6248

  • 2. Beaver County

    West End Truck Fill Station Dispensing System 

    Located west of Hwy 833/630 on Range Road 510 (just south of Hwy 14 in Beaver County)
    Now open for residential and commercial haulers

    To set up an account, please call Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission at 780-663-2019 or visit The Commission’s office is located at 5019 – 50th Street in Ryley.

  • 3. Edmonton

    The closest EPCOR truck fill is located at 8729-58th Avenue in Edmonton.
    Call 780-412-3003 to set up an account.


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