Strathcona County provides rural waste collection services. If you would like to subscribe call Utilities at 780-449-5514.

Do residents in rural areas have to receive waste collection?

If your property is larger than two acres you can:

  • look after waste disposal yourself
  • subscribe to waste collection from Strathcona County
  • subscribe to waste collection service from The Garbage Man

If your property is two acres or less, you are required to subscribe to waste collection services. You have the choice of receiving service from the County or The Garbage Man.

Residents of rural hamlets are required to receive waste collection from Strathcona County.

Trucks used for collection from Strathcona County

To help reduce the number of trucks required to drive through the rural area of Strathcona County, only one truck is used for collection. This special truck uses a two-split stream separator. Recycling and organic/waste goes into the same area of the truck, however they are dumped into different slots (hoppers) where the materials are kept separate.

Last updated: Monday, March 13, 2023
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