If you are asked to shelter in place, it means to remain indoors, or if outside, go indoors immediately. A possible reason why you would be asked to shelter in place is during a tornado, severe wind storm, chemical release or public health emergency.

Once indoors:

  • during a severe wind storm have everyone stay in one room; choose an interior room if possible and stay away from the window
  • close all windows and doors
  • if directed or during a chemical release, turn off furnace, air conditioner and exhaust fans so outside air is not brought indoors
  • follow local media and SC Alerts for further instructions

Be ready before it happens

Personal preparedness makes our community more resilient. It not only helps your family during an emergency, but also the community. You should have the ability to take care of yourself and your family for at least 72 hours. 

Here are some tips to help prepare:

  • make sure you have at least three days of medication and prescriptions on hand
  • build and check your 72-hour preparedness kit
  • sign up for SC Alerts to get emergency notifications

More information from our industry partners

Call the UPDATE line at 1-866-653-9959 to get information on industry activity and safety information from both organizations below.

Strathcona Industrial Association (SIA)
Information from the Strathcona Industrial Association, which represents major industry in southeast Strathcona County. Includes news from the plants, safety tips, air monitoring reports and links to the sites of individual companies.

Northeast Region Community Awareness and Emergency Response (NR CAER)
Information from the Northeast Region Community Awareness and Emergency Response, which represents major industry in northeast Strathcona County. 

Further information

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