You only need to change how you put out your cart when residential snow clearing or street sweeping is happening in your area.

Please place your waste or organics roll-out cart at the end of the driveway (30 cm or one foot from the end). During snow clearing or street sweeping, carts cannot be on the road, sidewalk or in the gutter.

If you have a sidewalk:

Illustration of a waste cart three feet back from the sidewalk on a driveway.

If you have a sidewalk with a boulevard:

Illustration of a waste cart between the sidewalk and the road on a driveway.

If you live in the rural area:

Illustration of a waste cart one foot back from the edge of a rural driveway.

Again, recyclable materials must be placed a minimum of one metre away from the cart (do not place on the road).

On all other collection days, it's back to normal. Place the wheels of the cart in the gutter between the curb and the road.

Last updated: Thursday, April 13, 2023
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