Placement of your cart

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Leave one metre on all sides

The cart requires one metre (three feet) on all sides so the automated truck can lift it.

Leave at least one metre between your cart, materials put out for recycling, fences, mailboxes, overhanging tree limbs, parked cars and any other objects.

If you have a curb

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1. Place the wheels of the cart in the gutter between the curb and the road.

2. Your cart will be on the road. Arrows on the carts indicate what side of the cart must face the road.

If you do not have a curb or live in the rural area

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1. Place the cart out at the edge of your driveway and the road. Ensure that the cart is stable on a flat area and the wheels are closest to the ditch or your driveway.

2. Arrows on the carts indicate what side of the cart must face the road.

NOTE: Rural collection is done with a split truck that collects both the cart and recyclables at the same time, yet keeps them separate in the truck. For this reason, please ensure your cart and blue bag(s) are on the same side of the driveway for efficient collections.

During extra organics cart collection weeks

Remember to make sure there is at least 1 metre between your carts. Carts that are not spaced correctly may not be emptied.

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Changes to cart placement during street maintenance


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