Apiculture permit

Risk of European Foulbroud in honeybees

A new strain of European Foulbrood in honeybees has been found in Alberta. Residents may notice Alberta Agriculture and Forestry inspectors in the area. The inspectors are designated under the Bee Act to inspect and monitor bee health for disease control and to understand the degree of risk to help protect honeybees. A limited number of test kits are available for beekeepers. To receive a free kit, please call 780-417-7100 during regular business hours.

Important information for beekeepers: 

  • Alberta beekeepers must register with the Provincial government, in addition to having a premise identification number. 
  • Transportation of honeybees into Alberta requires a permit and inspection report from the province of origin be submitted two weeks prior to importation. No honeybee colonies or nuclei are currently being allowed in to Alberta from Ontario. For more information: Please visit the Government of Alberta website.

    If you have additional questions or suspect European Foulbrood in your hives, please contact the Chief Provincial Health Officer with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry at 587-985-2277 or bee@gov.ab.ca
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If you live in Strathcona County and are interested in keeping honey bees on your property, an Apiculture Permit is required and is subject to zoning restrictions.

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In order to apply for an apiculture permit, you will require:

Apiculture Permit Application (70.1 KB)


Further information:

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