Bremner is a continuous expansion of Sherwood Park east of Highway 21. The Local Employment Area (LEA) is located across from Bremner, on the south side of Highway 16. 

Bremner will be a complete community that will meet a variety of needs of future County residents.

This complete community will include: 

  • A range of housing types including apartments, secondary suites and detached houses 
  • A walkable and bikeable community that offers a network of sidewalks, trails and safe roads 
  • Open spaces and natural areas that include Pointe-Aux-Pins Creek and Oldman Creek 
  • Access to community services, schools, commercial uses and employment  

Plans, maps and bylaws

The Bremner and LEA Area Concept Plan (23.3 MB) was adopted by Council on September 10, 2019.

The Bremner Area is anticipated to host a total of five Sub-Area Structure Plans. Area landowners and developers can submit Sub-Area Structure Plans in accordance with the Bremner and LEA Area Concept Plan. Currently, there are two adopted Sub-Area Structure Plans including the Bremner Community 1 and Bremner Community 4 Area Structure Plans which can be found below: 

Bremner Development Area Location Map (293.8 KB)



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