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Zoning and planning documents

The Alberta Municipal Government Act is the provincial legislation which empowers municipalities to govern the development of lands within their boundaries in a manner that is logical, timely, economical and environmentally responsible. 

Statutory plans, policies, municipal development plan, land use bylaw and area concept/structure plans are some of the documents used in the planning and development process.

Municipal Development Plan - long term policy document which provides guidelines for orderly growth and development over the next 20 years.

Area Concept Plans - a comprehensive planning framework and generalized future land use concept that guides subsequent development plans.

Area Structure Plans - statutory plans that outline development of a small part of a community or neighbourhood

Conceptual Scheme - a non statutory framework that outlines future development and subdivision concepts within rural areas of the County

Land Use Bylaw - regulates use and development of land 

Subdivision plans - maps of existing subdivisions

Civic Addressing Bylaw - outlines the requirements for displaying addresses

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