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Wondering what to do with your brush and yard waste? You've got several options!

Drop it off

Broadview Enviroservice Station

  • Max load 4'x8'x2' (standard truck bed size)
  • grass and leaves (needs to be debagged on site or in paper or compostable bags)

Town of Bruderheim

The town of Bruderheim offers a community compost pile, located north of the campground. Access through the campground entrance off of 52 Ave. 

  • Grass clippings, leaves and branches ONLY please. No weeds, food scraps or garbage.
  • Please note: There are separate piles for the grass/leaves and the branches.
  • Branches should be 1 inch in diameter or less - anything larger should be taken to the landfill.

Acceptable and unacceptable items

Leave it on your lawn

Grasscycling is a great alternative to raking and collecting grass and leaves. Grasscycling is a natural process that is easy, saves time and money! Simply leave the clippings on your lawn as you mow. They quickly decompose, usually within three days, and act as a natural fertilizer to the soil.

Set it out

You can put your grass clippings, plant waste and leaves in your green organics cart. Organics are collected weekly from mid-May to mid-October for residents of Sherwood Park and the rural hamlets who subscribe to collection services from Strathcona County. Place items in loose or in a compostable bag. Plastic bags are not permitted in the green organics cart. If you are putting organics in loose, make sure to layer your cart. Place a layer of crumpled up newspaper, cardboard or other dry organic material and then every 30 cm (12") alternate with wet organics. Avoid packing the organics down as they may become stuck.

Branches under three centimetres (one inch) may be placed in your green organics cart. Cut branches down so they fit inside the cart with the lid closed. 

Extra yard waste collection events are held four times a year to accommodate the extra volume from spring and fall clean up. 

Diseased tree disposal

Trees that have become infected with a disease, such as black knot or bronze leaf, must be disposed of properly. It is important to take action quickly to reduce the chance of the disease from spreading. Place all diseased wood into a garbage bag and then place into your black waste cart or bring to the Clover Bar Landfill. 

Diseased wood is NOT permitted in your green organics cart and is not collected at Broadview Enviroservice Station. The diseased wood can contaminate the composting process.

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