Green catcher

Your small, covered, green pail can be used to collect organics in your home, which can then be emptied into your larger green cart as needed.

Tips on using the green catcher

  • Line the green catcher with paper towel, newspaper or a compostable bag to help absorb liquids.
  • Put your kitchen scraps in the green catcher. You can also put paper plates and paper napkins in too. Do not put Styrofoam or plastic in as these materials cannot be composted.
  • Wrap wet or smelly scraps on newspaper, paper towels or soiled boxboard (cereal or cracker boxes)
  • Fasten the lid to reduce odours.
  • To clean your green catcher, rinse with warm water and a biodegradable detergent.

Lining your green cart with compostable bags

Instead of being placed directly into the green cart, organics can be placed in compostable bags. 

Compostable bags are made from a food by-product such as cornstarch and break down easily.

Do not use biodegradable bags or plastic bags. Biodegradable bags do not break down and contaminate the composting process. Check the label of any bags you purchase to ensure they are compostable.

Layering organics in the cart

Layering between wet and dry materials helps keep materials from getting stuck in your cart and helps reduce odours. To layer your cart, line the bottom with newspaper, cardboard box or paper towel (shredded paper cannot be used). Then, alternate between wet waste (kitchen scraps or grass clippings) and dry waste (newspaper or leaves). 

Seasonal collection tips

 Tips for all year long

  • Layer wet and dry organic materials in your cart to reduce the chances of materials becoming stuck.
  • If organics do become stuck, use a broom or shovel handle to loosen them.
  • Wrap wet or smelly materials in newspaper, paper bags or soiled boxes. This will also help prevent materials from becoming stuck in cold weather.
  • Remember to put your cart out for collection day even if it isn't full.

Tips for warm weather

  • Store your organics cart in a shaded or covered area.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda or bleach-free powdered laundry detergent at the bottom of the cart to help with odours.
  • Spreading detergent around the lip of the cart may help with insects.

Pet waste

Pet waste, whether it’s droppings, litter or bed shavings, can all be placed in your green organics cart. Please put these materials in compostable bags, boxes or loose directly in the cart.  Remember that plastic and biodegradable bags are not acceptable in the green cart.

Yard waste

Large amounts of grass clippings can become stuck in your organics cart, especially when damp. Place small amounts of grass clippings into your cart, layer materials, give the grass time to dry out or

Brush, hedge and shrub trimmings, grass clippings and leaves that cannot fit into your organics cart may be taken to the Broadview Recycle Station.

Twice a year, Strathcona County will offer to accommodate for yard clean up. Check your waste collection calendar for dates.

Backyard composting

If you have a backyard composter, we encourage you to continue to use it. You may also use your organics cart to collect many things that a  


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