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Here are some eco-friendly tips that are sure to get an A+ from the environment:

Packing lunches

Reusable lunch container

Consider reusable lunch kits and containers instead of using plastic everyday.

  • Try to avoid pre-packaged foods. They may be convenient but they are not environmentally friendly.
  • Buy bulk portions and place them in reusable containers.
  • Try these fun tips for packing lunches.  Tips (2.2 MB)

School supplies

  • Consider recycled paper when making your purchase. Every ton of paper that is recycled saves about 17 trees.
  • Make your own school supplies. You can create unique notebooks by collecting stacks of used computer paper, turning it over and punching three holes along the long side. Add a special cover for the front and back by cutting out two pieces (8.5 cm x 11 cm) of cardboard from a cereal box, attach to the front and back for a unique notebook!
  • Reuse school supplies from last year.
  • See if your school has a book rental program. Instead of buying new, think about renting books or exchanging with friends.

Back to school shopping

  • Host a clothing exchange with your friends before school starts. Bring clothes that you might not wear anymore and swap them. One person's old clothing could be a first day outfit for someone else.
  • Buy from second hand stores. They usually have great vintage items at a fraction of the cost.

Getting to and from school

Remember to think eco-friendly when deciding on transportation to and from school. Ride your bike, take the bus, arrange a carpool or even walk. Remember to be safe! 

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