Pumpkin with recycling symbol carved into it.

Add some green to your Halloween: 5 eco-friendly tips

Between the pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and costume making, Halloween can be frightening for the environment. Candy wrappers,  plastic costumes and decomposing pumpkins all add up. While it's easy to get spirited away by all the ghoulish fun, consider how your actions impact the environment.

This year, keep your Halloween green with these 'eeeko'-friendly tips. 

1. Choose Halloween treats with less packaging

Reduce the amount of packaging you use by buying candy in bulk and selecting candy with the least packaging. Candy that comes in boxes is a better option for recycling than plastic-wrapped candy. Or skip the candy and give out pencils or notepads made from recycled material or even pop cans.

2. Ditch the plastic treat bags

Avoid unnecessary extra plastic by skipping the treat bags. If you want to give kids a variety of candy, mix it all together in one big bowl and dish it out by the handful. And when it comes to your kid's trick-or-treat bags, opt for a reusable bag or even a pillowcase.

3. Get crafty with your costume

Many store bought costumes are made from non-recyclable petrochemical based plastics and synthetic fibres. Avoid these ghastly costumes by choosing natural fabrics and materials or by picking up old clothes from second hand stores. An even better option is to build your costume using clothes and materials you already have. You'll find plenty of inspiration in your closet.

4. Make your own Halloween decorations

Halloween is only second to Christmas when it comes to decorations. Most decorations are made from non-recyclable plastics. If you are buying new decorations, look for ones that you will reuse for years instead of disposable plastic ones. Otherwise get creative and make your own creepy crafts with recyclable items. Old bed sheets make great ghosts, make spider webs from old fabrics, or turn old trash bags into spiders. For more ideas, Google "eco-friendly Halloween decorations," and green it up.

5. Walk or take public transit

Halloween in Alberta can get chilly, even snowy, but leave the car at home this Halloween. Slip a snowsuit or jacket under that dinosaur costume, and trick-or-treat in your local neighbourhood. If you do have to travel, consider taking public transit. If you live in a rural neighbourhood or don't have many neighbours, consider driving to a local mall where you can trick or treat inside.

Last updated: Thursday, May 26, 2022
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