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Pickleball courts

Sherwood Heights (8) OPEN

The Sherwood Heights Pickleball Courts were built in partnership with the Government of Alberta and the Strathcona County Pickleball Association. 

The Strathcona County Pickleball Association League play schedule for the Sherwood Heights Courts can be found at


All other pickleball courts in Strathcona County are spontaneous use courts.

Ardrossan Athletic Park (3) OPEN
Clover Bar School (1) OPEN
Josephburg (4) OPEN
McGhan Park (1) OPEN
Village on the Lake (4) OPEN
Whitecroft Community Hall (1) OPEN

Basketball courts

Antler Lake Community Grounds (1) OPEN
Antler Lake Community Hall (1) OPEN
Ardrossan Athletic Park (1) OPEN
Ardrossan Elementary School (1) OPEN
Clover Bar Junior High (1) OPEN
Clover Bar Ranch (1) OPEN
Collingwood Cove (2) OPEN
Davenport Park (1) OPEN
Hastings Lake (1) OPEN
Josephburg (2) OPEN
McGhan Park (1) OPEN
South Cooking Lake (1) OPEN
Strathcona Athletic Park (1) OPEN
Westlake Beach (1) OPEN
Whitecroft Community Hall (1) OPEN

Sand volleyball courts

Ardrossan Athletic Park (1) OPEN
Broadmoor Lake Park (3) OPEN
Clarkdale Meadows Lake (1) OPEN
Sherwood Heights Park (1) OPEN
Trillium Centre (3) OPEN

Tennis courts

Ardrossan Athletic Park (2) OPEN
Brentwood School (2) OPEN
Clover Bar School (1) OPEN
Hastings Lake (1) OPEN
Kinsmen / Westboro (4, with lighting) OPEN
McGhan Park (1) OPEN
St. Nicholas School (2) OPEN 

Handball courts

Broadmoor Lake Park (1) OPEN
Wes Hosford Elementary School (3) OPEN

To book a field, diamond or learn more about our fees and charges call 780-467-2211. 

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