Paintings by Carol Wylie. Reflections Exhibition, 2024
Paintings by Carol Wylie. Reflections Exhibition, 2024

Strathcona County’s public art gallery, Gallery@501, is dedicated to showcasing exhibitions from a diverse range of artists, arts groups, and culture collaborators. Located in the Strathcona County Community Centre, Gallery@501 manages a variety of exhibition and display spaces and opportunities for participation in the arts.

Artists from all cultural and artistic backgrounds, at any stage in their career, are encouraged to apply. Gallery@501 staff are striving to build connection with a wider range of artists to better reflect the diversity in cultures, stories and artistic expression in our community and region. Artists will be selected based on the criteria for the call, which may include exhibit content, theme, and potential for community connection, education and engagement.

Call for submissions: Main Gallery

Gallery@501 Main Gallery

Thank you for your interest. Submissions for July 2025 - June 2026 are now closed.

Submission Guidelines

Floor plan (PDF)

Call for submissions: Foyer Gallery

Gallery@501 Foyer Gallery

Thank you for your interest. Submissions for July 2025 - June 2026 are now closed.


Submission Guidelines

Floor plan (PDF)

Call for submissions: Member of the Month

artwork in the window of the Gallery

The Member of the Month submission for 2025 exhibition will be open later this year.

This vibrant window space along Festival Avenue highlights one of our Gallery@501 members each month. This opportunity allows member artists to engage with the public and bring their art practice into the community.

Learn more about our membership here.

Call for submissions: Artrium


The Artrium submission for 2025 exhibition will be open later this year.

This exhibit space between the library and info desk in the Community Centre surrounds visitors with art from the County’s Collection, community artists, groups and Gallery@501 members. As a main corridor in the Community Centre, the Artrium features seating areas and meeting spaces.

Learn more about the Artrium here.

Submissions information

Please read carefully through the artwork guidelines, submission checklist and the general exhibition information before sending your submission.

Strathcona County strives to create welcoming, equitable and ethical environments for visual art events and exhibits, and artists are asked to contemplate the impact their artwork may have on individuals and communities.

Read our current guidelines for more information:  Consent derivative artwork and representation of individuals and communities (140.3 KB)

  • Please ensure all written material is in a single PDF or Word document.  This includes Artist’s CV, bio, artist statement and list of works.

    • A current Artist’s CV (curricula vitae). Include links to your website and/or social media platforms if applicable.
    • A bio – maximum of 250 words.
    • A one-page artist statement describing the exhibition or body of work proposed. Please consider the space in terms of theme and type of work being submitted. Indicate how many works in total are available for exhibition, as well as the size ranges.
    • 10 to 15 high resolution, good quality images, video or audio of the proposed work or works in progress.  
      • For digital submissions name files using 01_last name_title, 02_last name_ title, etc.
      • Images, video and audio documentation of proposed work must be in .jpeg, png, .mp3 or .mp4 file format.
      • Images must not exceed 300 dpi (5MB).
      • Video and audio files must be linked and not exceed ten minutes in length.
    • A corresponding numbered list of works including titles, sizes, media and dates. Please also include:
      • Whether your artwork needs to be shipped by a courier or delivered by you.
      • Whether any artwork would be coming from a secondary location (another gallery or private collection).
      • Any unusual shipping or crating needs.
      • Any unusual or complicated installation needs (suspension from ceiling, heavy pieces, complex A/V needs, etc).

    Applications must be sent through one of these methods:

    • Email with attachments, or links to a DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or other digital storage file.
    • When submitting your application by email, only include images as labeled attachments using the file naming conventions listed above.

    If you are unable to send your submission through email or if you require accommodation for any aspect of the submission process, please reach out to Gallery staff well in advance of the deadline and we will assist you.

    Submissions can be sent to:

    • Subject line: Your Name, Main Gallery Submission or Foyer Gallery Submission. Example: Pat Daly, Main Gallery Submission
  • Exhibition fees - Main Gallery

    • Exhibition fees – Main Gallery

    Gallery@501 pays artists exhibiting in the Main Gallery based on CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation / le Front des Artistes Canadiens) recommended exhibition fees for a Category I gallery.

     2025 Exhibition Fees   

    Solo artist                              $2,475             

    Group exhibit (2 artists)         $1,733 per artist  

     Group exhibit (3 artists)        $1,238 per artist                          

    2026 Exhibition Fees

    Solo artist                                 $2,574

     Group exhibit (2 artists)      $1,802 per artist

     Group exhibit (3 artists)      $1,288 per artist

    Additional fees : Any additional fees are negotiated with the artist and are contingent on our annual operating budget.

    Shipping: Gallery@501 reimburses one-way shipping for artists in Alberta based on best rate for freight, mileage, or truck rental. Assistance with one-way shipping from outside Alberta is negotiated.

    Artist Talk or Exhibition Video: If budget allows, artists may be asked to participate in an artist talk (live or presented on video in the exhibition).

    2025 CARFAC rates $520

    2026 CARFAC rates $541

    Exhibition Fees for other spaces

    Artists exhibiting in the Foyer Gallery will be paid a fee of $300.00. This fee will be split if there are multiple artists showing in that space.

    Artists exhibiting in the Artrium will be paid a fee of $300.00. This fee will be split if there are multiple artists showing in that space.

    Displaying in the Member of the Month window is a benefit of gallery membership and does not include an exhibit fee.


    For more information about CARFAC, please visit their website at


    Artwork content
    All artworks must be original works (not copies or reproductions) and not previously shown in Gallery@501 spaces. Please be mindful of any copyright infringements, as copying from another artist will not be accepted.

    Please be mindful of cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is the inappropriate adoption of the elements of one culture by members of another, typically by a dominant culture or society. The difference between cultural collaboration or exchange and cultural appropriation is the power dynamic – the culture that is being stereotyped or borrowed from is usually the one that gets marginalized when compared to the dominant cultural narrative.

    Gallery@501 reserves the right to turn away any submissions that it deems inappropriate for our younger viewers or offensive in subject matter. Works with overtly pornographic, discriminatory or violent messages may be barred from submission per the Curator.

    To review a complete list of artwork content guidelines, visit:

    Artwork Content Guidelines (140.3 KB)

    Artwork safety
    All artworks must fit safely within our spaces and not pose any risk to staff or visitors. If your artwork has excessive weight, potential hazards, complicated installation needs, or any electrical components, we encourage you to reach out to the Curator in advance of submitting an application. Artwork with any electrical components (kinetic movement, lights, sound, video or other) must be safe for public display, for use during prolonged periods each day and for the term of the exhibit.

    Artwork must not bring in any potential biohazards, insects, fumes or off-gassing of materials, scents or other hazards that could impact staff, visitors, other artwork or the facility itself. All artworks must be completely dry at the time of artwork drop off.

    The artist is responsible for presenting their work in a professional manner in the gallery spaces. This could include framing two-dimensional artwork or using gallery-wrapped finished edges. The Curator must review, and approve in advance, any unconventional methods of display.

    The artist must ensure proper hanging hardware is installed on the back that can support the weight of the piece. This can include D-rings, strong screw-eyes and wire, a cleat system or other hanging system that will support the piece. Command strips, Velcro strips or other temporary hanging devices are not permitted.

    The gallery has a limited number of plinths (display boxes) available for three-dimensional artwork display, with a general surface area of about 20-22” square. If your artwork exceeds that size or has unusual presentation requirements (such as suspension from the ceiling), please indicate this in your submission. The inclusion, placement and position of art in any exhibit is up to the discretion of the Curator. The Curator will work with as much as possible with the artist(s) to furnish any requests and collaborate on the vision of the exhibit.

    Exhibition installation
    The team at Gallery@501 fully installs the majority of exhibitions in the space. In some cases, gallery staff may require the assistance of the artist for part of the process. All artworks must come ready to hang/install, and any audio/visual, electrical or mechanical components must be discussed in advance.

    Artwork sales
    As a public art gallery, Gallery@501 focuses on education and exhibition. Gallery staff will happily refer any inquiring visitors to the artist to handle sales directly, outside the gallery, and does not take any commissions on your sales. All artworks must remain in the exhibition until the exhibit end date.

    If you are looking for sales opportunities, we encourage you to connect with commercial galleries, local cafés, shops, markets and other retail venues to discuss opportunities in their spaces.

    Call 780-410-8585 or email


We encourage artists to apply for the variety of exhibit opportunities that are offered at Gallery@501. All artists will be contacted about the status of their submission following the selection process.

Did you know?

Each year there are two more great ways to participate in exhibitions and gain exhibit experience with Gallery@501! The annual Gallery@501 Members Show features artwork from all interested Gallery members and the Strathcona Contemporary Exhibition features artwork from local artists in a juried opportunity for acquisitions for the County’s Art Collection.


Strathcona County Art Gallery@501

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