Who is eligible for prizes?

Recreation, Parks and Culture provides prize and promotional giveaways to non-profit organizations based on the following criteria:

  1. Local non-profit groups or organizations:  Strathcona County based non-profit organizations, schools and minor sport groups.
  2. Groups or organizations that rent our facilities/parks that may or may not be from Strathcona County.
    Note: If a group is non-local, and their membership base is made of more than 50% Strathcona County residents, we would provide them with a prize depending on if their event targets a key-audience for our services.
  3. Sponsorship: Sponsorship recognition.

Prizes will not be available to non-local minor sport groups, non-profit organizations or businesses unless the following criteria are met:

  1. Mutual benefit in terms of cross promotions or target audience 
  2. If the organization is an existing department sponsor
  3. If the organization is a large customer who rents our facilities

Note: Businesses that are not Strathcona County based are not eligible.

How do you request a prize?

Click on the County Connect link below, fill out the request form online and submit your request with a minimum two weeks notice.  The request needs to include the size of their event, the type of prize requested (i.e. Door prize or auction prize).

Additional information

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