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Together with the community, Strathcona County is exploring the possibility of creating a community wellness hub

A community wellness hub could serve as a space for residents to access needed social services and programs in a timely manner while creating opportunities for community agencies and public services to work in new ways together.

In fall 2018, Council was presented with the Community Hub Study (9.3 MB) , which summarized community feedback on the possibility, look and feel of a community hub in Strathcona County. The report identified broader public engagement, potential partner exploration, business planning, and possible site exploration as the next steps for the project.

2019 Engagement

Throughout July and August 2019, Family and Community Services (FCS) responded to the recommendation of further public engagement by inviting individuals who live or work in Strathcona County to share their thoughts and ideas on a community wellness hub.

While the 2018 engagement brought stakeholders together to talk about services within a community hub setting, the 2019 engagement of residents focused on the outcome of wellness. The engagement intended to understand how citizens define wellness, which aspects of wellness should be present in a community wellness hub, and how service providers and other community organizations in Strathcona County could work together in one location to better support the outcome of wellness.

The 2019 Community Hub engagement reached individuals who live and work in Strathcona County through three methods, including a community hub survey, community conversations and community hub prototype interviews.

The following documents provide an update on the 2019 community hub engagement activities and findings.

Community hubs

Community hubs across Canada are tailored to meet their city and resident needs. Listen to the podcast about how these community hubs are serving their citizens.

Increased access to programs and services in Strathcona County emerged as a common theme during Community Talk public engagement, and is one of four outcomes of the Social Framework.

Themes: affordability, access to programs and service, safety, connectedness and inclusion.



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