The world has changed dramatically over the past ten years, and as our social and economic challenges increase in complexity, something different is required from all of us. Traditional, siloed mandates of government have served us to a point but if we can shift our behaviours with each other and those we serve, perhaps we can improve outcomes and have a collective impact?

We started a conversation with our community to find out. Nearly 8,000 people who live and work in Strathcona County spoke up. Through surveys and conversations, we listened to personal stories of resiliency.

These conversations allowed for a better understanding of our community's social priorities and experiences, and led to the development of a renewed social framework.

Four Community Outcomes

Based on what we heard it’s time for an intentional shift in how we collectively work together on what matters most to our community:

  1. Affordability
  2. Access to programs and services
  3. Safety
  4. Overall feelings of connectedness and inclusion


Four community outcomes


Engaging Community Leaders

Community partners are helping to imagine better ways of thinking and working together to achieve deeper, more durable, and sustained impact.

Our New Approach

While a traditional service model supports social change, these service silos can sometimes frustrate the user or result in inefficient levels of support. By zooming out to the systems level, we can better identify areas for greater, system-wide, collective impact. This requires a shift in the way we think, behave, and convene; a Backbone Support to guide the new vision; Networks that invite Participation; and timely Strategic Cycles to learn from. Together, we can create a supported, safe, and connected community.

The Social Framework in Action

The following stories, either existing or newly proposed initiatives, illustrate the social framework in action.

  • Bridging the Gap: What if there’s a way to combine efforts to better support those fleeing violence and in need of local, affordable housing?
  • Community Hub: What if there’s a single location in the County that can best address personalized social needs?
  • Collective Action on Risk: What if there’s a better way to meet the social needs of our community?
  • Anxiety Support Group: What if multiple partners in our community combined efforts and resources to address issues before they escalate?

How we got here

The renewal of Strathcona County's social framework was about creating space for honest conversations to discuss how we can best support each other, at all levels of community.

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